Mint tea benefits and harms to human health

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Mint tea is a fragrant and refreshing drink. After it, strength appears, digestion improves and insomnia disappears.
The benefits of mint tea have been known to mankind for a long time. The drink was recognized as healing even in the time of Avicenna. Now it is widely used as a prophylactic against colds and for weight loss.

How often can you drink peppermint tea

There are practically no restrictions regarding the use of mint as a tea. But you should always remember that it has a sedative effect, so with frequent use, you may encounter the problem of lethargy. And in this state, the body is not able to absorb vitamins.

The composition and calorie content of tea with mint

The energy value of mint is at a fairly low level, it contains only 40 kcal. The plant is rich in amino acids. It contains manganese, potassium, zinc, iron and magnesium.

Benefits of mint tea, vitamins and minerals

The main benefit of the plant for humans is a calming effect. Tea from the leaves can eliminate anxiety, cope with depression. To achieve the maximum effect, it is necessary to drink tea before going to bed. But it should be borne in mind that if you mix black tea and mint, then a person will get the opposite effect – excitement and cheerfulness.

There is a lot of menthol in mint, which has a bactericidal effect on the body, reduces the activity of bacteria and viruses. Thanks to this substance, tea helps to strengthen the immune system and cope with colds.

The same menthol allows you to tone up the body with a strong loss of moisture during the heat. For this, it is better to drink tea chilled.

Tea helps to reduce the acidity of the stomach, stimulates metabolic processes and leads to normal blood pressure. The drink helps reduce headaches.

Tea will be useful for people who are fond of salty dishes, mint helps to remove excess water from the body.

Benefits of mint tea for women

For the female body, mint is very useful. It stimulates the production of sex hormones, while reducing the number of male ones. This feature makes it possible to regulate the hormonal background and establish the menstrual cycle.

A positive effect gives tea to women who have entered the period of menopause. The drink alleviates the symptoms and removes anxiety.

Benefits of mint tea for men

Regarding the benefits of drinking mint tea for men, there is a lot of controversy in medical circles. It is acceptable to drink one cup of the drink a day to calm the nerves, but no more. Due to its ability to reduce testosterone levels, tea is still not very beneficial for men.

Mint tea during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Before childbirth, tea is not considered beneficial for a woman. It contains a lot of estrogen, which can cause premature birth. But still in small doses and occasionally, peppermint tea can be used to get rid of anxiety and fall asleep quickly.

During lactation, tea is definitely contraindicated, it reduces the amount of milk.

Before and after childbirth, peppermint essential oil is expressly prohibited for use.

Can children have mint tea?

Mint has been little studied by scientists, especially its effect on the body of children. For this reason, before the onset of 4 years, tea is not recommended for introduction into the diet. In addition, it can cause itching and rashes.

Is peppermint tea good for weight loss?

Mint tea is recommended to drink during weight loss. A particularly good effect can be achieved in the fight against excess weight if mixed with green tea. Such a drink will reduce the feeling of hunger and will act as a natural stimulant of the stomach.

Peppermint tea should not contain sugar and its use should be accompanied by a large amount of water, as the drink has a pronounced diuretic effect.

Peppermint tea for diabetes

Mint tea has a GI of 10 units, so it will be useful in the presence of diabetes.

In the presence of this disease, tea is recommended to be boiled for 15 minutes before use and only then consumed. It is better to drink it on an empty stomach, in a small amount. However, you should not drink such a drink daily, as it can cause difficulty breathing.

How to Take Peppermint Tea for Medicinal Purposes

By and large, mint is suitable for any herbal mixtures. When mixed with chamomile, the drink will increase the calming effect, while ginger and cinnamon will have an invigorating effect. Adding honey and lemon to mint tea will help boost your immune system. Remember that it is unacceptable to add honey to boiling water, but only after the drink has cooled down a bit. Mint mixed with lemon balm eliminates migraines.

If you are preparing tea or a drink for a child, then the proportions of the components are halved.

Mint tea harm and contraindications

It is unacceptable to use mint tea in the presence of hypotension. You should not drink it during an exacerbation of chronic diseases of the kidneys and liver; during periods of remission, you should not get involved in it either.

Men also should not get carried away with mint, as it reduces the amount of male sex hormone. Tea is especially dangerous for young men when they have active puberty.

How to choose and store mint

If you buy mint, then pay attention to its freshness, the cut should be dried, but not dried. Leaves should be clean and not sluggish, rotten leaves and stems should not be present. Be sure to smell the plant, it should have a pleasant aroma.

Refuse to buy a wet plant, it will quickly deteriorate. Leaves should show no signs of disease. A strong shine indicates that the plant has been treated with chemicals to increase its shelf life, it will have a limited amount of useful substances.

Fresh mint is stored in closed containers in the refrigerator, but all condensate is removed first.

Mint, which is sold dried, should not contain any foreign components. Refuse to buy mint in bags. This tea should be stored at room temperature in a glass container.

Peppermint tea is a wonderful drink, given by nature itself. But men and children should use it extremely rarely and in small quantities.

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