Camelina oil benefits and harm to the human body

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Camelina oil is a rather unique product for our region. All over the world it is widely used for the treatment of diseases, in cooking. It is ideal for individuals who decide to become vegetarians. It has a wide range of useful elements and vitamins.

Calories per 100 g, (kcal):884
Protein in 100 g, (g):0.0
Fats in 100 g, (g):99.9
Carbohydrates in 100 g, (g):0.0
Glycemic index:0

What is camelina oil made from?

The oil is made from a cruciferous plant. In some countries, this plant is regarded as a weed. The oil itself is produced from the seeds, which have a slightly pungent taste. It is prepared according to the technology of cold and hot pressing. The first method will allow you to save the maximum amount of nutrients. For this reason, it is recommended to pay attention to the production method when buying oil.

The plant grows in North America, Asia and in some European countries. In our country, the plant can be found in the Urals, in the central regions.

The composition and caloric content of camelina oil, vitamins and minerals

The benefits of the oil are due to the rich presence of vitamins A, E, D, F, K. There are many fatty acids in it that support the brain. The calorie content of the oil is at a high level and equals 884 units.

What is useful camelina oil

The oil stimulates the heart muscle and promotes the absorption of calcium. Helps to strengthen memory and improve attentiveness.

A large amount of vitamin E has a positive effect on the condition of the skin, eliminates the signs of aging and prevents the development of cancerous tumors.

The oil stabilizes blood pressure and normalizes hemoglobin. It helps to increase blood clotting.

The oil has a positive effect on the condition of the gastrointestinal tract, has an antiseptic effect on the intestinal mucosa and prevents the appearance of ulcers. The oil is ideal for cleansing the body, which is facilitated by Omega-3 and 6. It has an antitumor effect, and is also used already in the presence of cancer.

The benefits of camelina oil for women

Women with the help of oil can get rid of the manifestations of varicose veins, strengthen blood vessels and remove toxins. It will be useful for menopause, due to the possibility of normalizing hormonal levels. The oil will also help ease the premenstrual period by alleviating the symptoms.

The benefits of camelina oil for men

With the help of camelina oil, liver diseases and cholecystitis are treated. It is used in the treatment of the prostate gland.

The oil is especially beneficial for men who love fried foods, it helps to remove toxins. It will be useful if you have vision problems.

Camelina oil during pregnancy and breastfeeding

During the period of gestation and lactation, the oil helps to normalize the hormonal background.

To improve the formation of the fetus, it is recommended to introduce oil into the diet of the expectant mother immediately after the onset of pregnancy. Drink it 1 teaspoon per day. From 8 months, the dose increases to 2 tablespoons.

The oil will help improve blood composition, increase the fat content of milk during lactation and cleanse blood vessels. When feeding a baby, if there is a need to increase the fat content of milk, drink 1 teaspoon 3 times throughout the day.

Is it possible to have camelina oil for children

The oil helps to get rid of worms and prevent their appearance. For this, the child can be given 1 tablespoon every morning, most importantly, on an empty stomach. Literally in 2-3 months the problem will completely disappear.

It is possible to introduce oil into the children’s diet only from the age of 3. For preventive purposes, it is permissible to give the child only 1 teaspoon per day.

In the presence of diaper rash, the oil is used as a skin treatment. It relieves irritation and moisturizes the skin. The oil is rubbed into the baby’s skin with light movements several times throughout the day.

Is camelina oil good for weight loss

During weight loss, it is recommended to replace ordinary vegetable oil with camelina oil. Due to the high content of unsaturated acids, it will stimulate the process of losing weight, remove cholesterol and purify the blood.

The oil has a pronounced property – the suppression of hunger. But you should always remember that a large amount of any oil can cause weight gain.

Camelina oil for diabetes

In the presence of diabetes, camelina oil is recommended for use on a regular basis. It will help improve the condition of the body and prevent the onset of concomitant diseases.

How to take camelina oil for medicinal purposes

Oil will be useful in the presence of atherosclerosis and gastritis. In these diseases, it is consumed before or during meals.

The maximum allowable dose for a person is 1 tablespoon per day. For children under the age of 14, this dose is equal to one teaspoon. Do not exceed these doses, as the oil can cause obesity.

The use of camelina oil in cosmetology

The oil makes the skin elastic, gives it a healthy look and nourishes the cells. Allows you to eliminate slight pigmentation and fine wrinkles. To clean your face, you can make a scrub. To do this, the oil is mixed with sea salt and chicken yolk. Gently apply to the skin of the face with light movements, then rinse and moisturize the skin.

With the help of oil, acne can be eliminated. Soak a napkin with oil and wipe problem areas on the face or put completely on the face and hold for about 15 minutes. This mask can not only deal with acne, but also moisturize the skin.

The oil is often used in aromatherapy, used to treat the baby’s skin and for massage.

Camelina oil helps to improve the structure of the hair and make them truly shiny. The mask will require an equal amount of the following oils:

  • eucalyptus;
  • bergamot;
  • tea tree.

Oils are mixed with camelina oil and thoroughly rubbed into the scalp. After three hours, the head should be washed with ordinary shampoo.

Oil is used to eliminate stretch marks. To do this, every day they need to lubricate problem areas. But we must be prepared that the course will be long.

Camelina oil harm and contraindications

It is not recommended to use oil for those who are overweight. You can not use it with pancreatitis. It is better to refuse refined oil, as it has very few useful substances.

How to choose and store camelina oil

The oil has a rich yellow color, sometimes orange. It has an unusual taste, but there is a slight hint of bitterness.

Give preference to unrefined oil. Do not buy it in large quantities, because after opening, it quickly oxidizes and its shelf life decreases. Once opened, the oil can be stored for 3 to 6 months.

Store the oil in the refrigerator and in a tightly closed container. It is unacceptable to use oil that has a bitter taste or has changed color.

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