About Nutrition During Pregnancy: Truth and Fiction

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Almost every woman sooner or later faces pregnancy and bearing a child. And every expectant mother wants to bear and give birth to a healthy baby. A huge role in the development of the unborn baby is played by the mother’s lifestyle during pregnancy, including proper nutrition. A woman at this time is faced with many statements about what is possible and what is forbidden to eat and drink when pregnant. However, not everything that is said is true, so you need to understand the basic statements well.   

Pregnant should eat for two

This statement is erroneous. There is an extra diet for a pregnant woman, but she should be about 300 calories per day.

Excessive consumption of food, as they say “for two,” can cause serious harm to both the mother and the child.

Mom will gain excess weight, and the baby during fetal development will simply reach a very large size, which will create big problems during labor.

Pregnant is strictly forbidden to drink coffee

This statement is also not true. Of course, according to the studies, it was found that the immense (!) Consumption of coffee can cause a miscarriage, and also lead to too little weight of the newborn, but for this coffee will have to be drunk very often and in very large quantities.

But the absolutely safe dosage for the expectant mother is the amount of coffee drunk up to three cups per day (up to 300 mg of caffeine). Therefore, coffee lovers just need to try to divide this amount of coffee in small portions and not drink more than 120 ml at a time.

Pregnant hemoglobin level always normal

Absolutely not. With the onset of pregnancy in a woman, the hemoglobin level decreases. This is due to the fact that the blood volume rises and the needs of the growing fetus also increase. That is why a pregnant woman’s body must be fully provided with iron, with the help of an additional intake of vitamins or products containing iron in sufficient quantities:

  • beets;
  • beef;
  • grenades;
  • green apples and others.

It is also necessary to regularly donate blood so that the doctor can control the hemoglobin content in the blood, since anemia of pregnant women is a serious danger for both the mother and the child.  

What the pregnant wants – the baby wants it too

Partly yes. Although this statement is not entirely true. Of course, the body of a pregnant woman is very smart and independently decides which vitamins he lacks in this interesting position. For example, if a pregnant woman is “attracted” to citrus fruits, and specifically to something specific, you should not refuse her this desire, being afraid to cause an allergy in the unborn child. But if a woman during pregnancy really wanted … … vodka, then, of course, it was necessary to refrain from such a desire.

Pregnant woman forbidden to drink alcohol

Absolutely – yes! Some women believe that the use of low-alcohol drinks in rare cases during pregnancy will not harm the unborn baby, but this is a great misconception. The alcohol of even one drunk bottle of weak beer instantly enters the pregnant woman’s blood and her baby and can cause a variety of problems in its further development. For example, this can lead to a violation of the central nervous system or cause a developmental delay.

It is impossible to believe the claims that half a glass of red natural wine will not hurt the child – it will hurt and how!

It is important to remember that a woman during pregnancy is responsible for the future life of another person and take this with all responsibility. 

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