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From early childhood, parents fed us soups. For many years, nutritionists have not come to a single answer to the question: are soups good for our body? In their opinion, it all depends on the composition of the soup and on the state of human health.  

No one doubts the benefits of vegetarian soups . Vegetable soups do not affect the acidity of gastric juice. Therefore, such soups are useful even to small children. Healthy people can use spices such as peppers, bay leaves, parsley, dill, and celery in soups; they enhance the digestive glands. And to whom, the doctor prescribed only dietary soups, it is better to boil them in milk or wipe vegetables, adding spices to them is not recommended.  

The most delicious soup must have a quality broth, because all the nutrients and aromas of meat almost completely pass into the water. To make the soup not very high-calorie, you need to take lean meat and cut it into small pieces of 20 grams and put them in boiling water. Before boiling, it is necessary to remove foam from the surface of the broth, and during boiling, do not allow too boiling too much. Add salt and roots at the end of cooking. When the meat has boiled, it is taken out of the pan, and the resulting broth is filtered. Sliced ​​vegetables are added to the strained broth in order, taking into account the cooking time. For example, if potatoes are added 5-10 minutes before the end of cooking, then onions and carrots are added in 3 minutes. Adding greens, you can remove the pot of soup from the fire. This way, cooked soups are an ideal product for our digestive tract.

It is to such soups that the human body is adapted in the process of evolution, such a thermally processed food likes to digest our gastrointestinal tract. There are enough vitamins in such a soup. Compared to stewing or frying, vegetables and meat retain much more nutrients during cooking in the broth.  

Who wants to keep a slim figure must learn to eat soup every day. Soups are less calorie than main dishes, and surpass them in quality and quantity of vitamins. Soups occupy more volume in the stomach, so they can be saturated faster.  

Broths restore the balance of fluid necessary for our body . In the cold season, soups quickly warm and improve metabolism. For example, aromatic borsch or cabbage soup on meat broth contains a complex of vegetables: cabbage, beets, carrots, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, bell peppers and others. 

Properly cooked soups and broths are simply indispensable for an organism weakened by a disease. For example, doctors recommend chicken broth for patients with hypertension, for colds and after surgery. 

At the same time, nutritionists warn that fatty broths from dark meat are dangerous for people with heart, liver and urinary tract problems. Saturated meat broth on the bone contains many extractive substances that contribute to joint disease.  

From all of the above, we can conclude that properly cooked soup is good for humans. Just when cooking it, you need to give preference to lean and fresh meat, and for people with stomach, heart and weight problems, you need fish soups or chicken broths instead of meat broths. Soups on fish stock or ear are absorbed more easily, and there are relatively more useful trace elements in it. Also, nutritionists advise draining the first broth when preparing meat or chicken broth so that the soup is not too fat.  

Only homemade soups that are cooked from fresh vegetables and meat are healthy . Instant soups from bags and jars will do your health more harm than good. Such soups have no vitamins, a lot of salt and contain monosodium glutamate, which increases appetite. Such soups are harmful to the liver, as they contain many flavorings, stabilizers and preservatives. In addition, they are very high in calories. 

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