Balanced Nutrition Menu

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A balanced diet is a daily diet for a healthy person, which contains the necessary amount of nutrients and energy substances and meets the needs of the human body. The balanced nutrition menu implies that a person must identify the correct ratio of products for himself and eat properly regularly. There are several steps to the balanced nutrition menu. 

5 steps balanced nutrition menu

Stage 1 – water and other liquids. This refers to still mineral water, natural freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices without artificial additives and dyes.  

2 stage – grain and groats. Of course, it is better to prefer rye bread, whole grain.

Stage 3 – vegetables and fruits. It is advisable to regularly eat fruits and vegetables. If this is not possible, then the deficiency of vitamins can be compensated by natural juices – pomegranate and grape, apple and carrot juices and more. In addition, the concentration of nutrients in natural juices is much higher.

Stage 4 – protein products and natural wines. All dairy products, meat and butter, and all varieties of natural wine are meant.

5th stage – carbohydrates. This includes various sweets, sweet drinks with gas and other gastronomic pleasures.

The basic rules of the balanced nutrition menu

The balanced nutrition menu is the most effective prevention of all diseases. Everyone, without prejudice to taste, can afford to eat right. For this, the rules of the balanced nutrition menu are created:

– the menu of a balanced diet should be extremely diverse, that is, it should include various products;

– The daily diet must necessarily include foods that provide the body with plant fiber, and these are cereals and grains;

– Every day you need to eat at least 500 grams of fruits and vegetables;

– Of all dairy products, it is better to choose sour milk with a low fat content;

– Do not eat too much butter;

– in the menu of a balanced diet, the amount of fats of animal origin should be limited. It is better to eat low-fat fish, chicken or soy;

– Fry food as little as possible. The best cooking methods are boiling or baking;

– Eat as little salt as possible daily;

– sugar intake should also be limited. Moreover, even sugar contained in drinks and sweets is considered;

– limit your intake of alcoholic beverages. The maximum daily allowance is a glass of vodka, a glass of wine, a bottle of beer.

Balanced Nutrition Menu

– daily it is necessary to drink at least two liters of liquid, including water, tea and coffee, juices and fruit drinks. Of course, carbonated drinks are excluded. And coffee is also not worth getting carried away. It is better to drink non-carbonated mineral water or unsweetened green tea. 

– Practically forbidden foods for a balanced diet are sugar, salt and alcohol.

– in the daily diet should be a lot of all kinds of fruits and vegetables. They will make up for the lack of minerals and vitamins, nutrients and dietary fiber in the body. If there are no vegetables and fruits, drink freshly squeezed juices as often as possible.

– a little in less quantity than vegetables and fruits in the menu of a balanced diet should be present cereal, a variety of cereals and potatoes. These foods are required to replenish the energy and strength required for the normal functioning of the body.

– in the daily diet there must certainly be meat products, poultry and fish, chicken eggs.

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