Brazil nuts benefits and harms to human health

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These edible seeds are also called castanha-doo-para or just steam. Today it is grown exclusively for commercial purposes. Consumed raw, after blanching. They are rich in protein and other nutrients. It is used in the cosmetics industry.
Unlike other nuts, Brazilian is only available in one variety. This is due to the fact that scientists have never been interested in this culture, and therefore did not develop new varieties. Perhaps this is due to the unpretentiousness of the plant, it has a long lifespan, during which it always gives a lot of fruits.

Calories per 100 g, (kcal):659
Protein in 100 g, (g):14.3
Fat in 100 g, (g):66.4
Carbohydrates per 100 g, (g):4.8
Glycemic index:15

Brazilian nut. Taste qualities

True gourmets claim that the Brazil nut tastes better than even the macadamia, that is, the nut, which is the most expensive in the world. It looks a bit like pine nuts and coconut fruits.

If the necessary storage conditions are not met, the nut acquires bitterness. They should not be consumed in large quantities, as they contain barium and radium.

Brazilian nut. Composition and calorie content

100 g of product contains 659 kcal. They have a very high proportion of fats, per 100 g there are as many as 67.1 g. But there is no cholesterol at all. There is a lot of protein in nuts, as much as 14.3 g, which equals 19% of the daily dose required by the human body.

Nuts boast a large amount of water-soluble vitamins, these are vitamins of group B and C. Of the fat-soluble, only vitamin E is present.

The mineral composition of nuts is also quite diverse, including calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, copper and, of course, selenium.

Why is Brazil nut good for you?

Scientists from Tehran have found that regular consumption of nuts can reduce mortality from natural causes. It was also found that they help to alleviate the condition of patients with articular pathologies. However, the subjects ate a lot of nuts and once.

The nutrients included in the composition allow:

  • selenium – reduce the risk of cancer;
  • vitamin B1 helps to improve metabolic processes;
  • fat provides the body with energy;
  • vitamin E has a beneficial effect on reproductive function and on the skin;
  • magnesium relieves spasms and improves muscle contraction;
  • thanks to protein, nuts help to quickly recover muscle tissue;
  • iron stimulates the production of hemoglobin.

In addition, Brazil nuts have antioxidant effects and lower blood pressure. It helps to reduce the incidence of sickness during the cold season.

The benefits of brazil nuts for women

The main benefits of eating nuts for women are high in zinc. It has a beneficial effect on fertility and increases reproductive age. This element also helps to maintain the beauty of the skin and remove harmful substances.

With the correct use of nuts, a woman will be able to establish hormonal levels and reduce the manifestations of the onset of menopause.

The benefits of brazil nuts for men

Brazil nuts are useful for a strong half of humanity thanks to the same selenium. It reduces the risk of prostatitis, removes free radicals and protects the heart. Nuts help increase testosterone levels and reduce the risk of developing cancer, and lower cholesterol.

Brazil nut consumption during pregnancy and breastfeeding

The nuts contain almost all the nutrients that are required for the body of a future mother and baby. During lactation, they increase milk production.

On the other hand, these seeds should be consumed in limited quantities. They are highly allergenic. For this reason, during lactation, they can only be administered from 6 months from the date of birth. If a woman has not previously consumed Brazilian seeds, then it is better to postpone the tasting while carrying and feeding the baby.

Is it possible for a Brazilian nut for children

Until the onset of 3 years, children are not recommended to introduce any nuts into their diet, especially Brazilian ones. Then they begin to give in small pieces, with constant monitoring of the baby’s condition. Other doctors talk about a later date – 5 years. That is, about the age when the digestive system is already ready to accept such heavy food.

Is Brazil nut good for weight loss?

Despite the high fat content, the nut is ideal for a dietary diet. Some studies have been able to prove that thanks to the nuts, the subjects were able to lose 1.4 kg for a month.

Nuts allow you to burn sugar and fat as quickly as possible. They help to improve the general condition, are a preventive measure against many diseases.

Eating Brazil nuts for diabetes

Due to the fact that nuts reduce sugar, it is recommended to use them when diagnosed with diabetes. This is achieved due to the presence of magnesium, the lack of which is always present in insulin-dependent patients.

Helps to improve the patient’s condition and vitamin B1, which is a blocker of glycolysis processes. Diabetics are allowed to consume no more than 3 pieces throughout the day.

What does the Brazilian nut treat? How to take medicinally

In the oldest recipes, the Brazilian nut is often found; oil was made from it, and the bark of the plant was used. Decoctions from the bark helped to get rid of stomach pathologies. The oil helped to heal wounds faster and was anti-inflammatory.

Thanks to the use of nuts, you can get rid of a number of problems:

  • prevent the appearance of cancer;
  • improve the condition of the thyroid gland;
  • strengthen the immune system.

Thanks to selenium, nuts can increase testosterone levels in men.

The use of brazil nuts in cosmetology

For cosmetic purposes, oil from this nut is used. The main benefit for the skin is vitamin E, which is essential for a healthy epidermis. The oil also helps to treat skin conditions and burns. It is used to improve the condition of hair. With its addition, aromatic and healthy baths are obtained.

The easiest way is to warm up some oil in a water bath and add it to a cream or scrub. And to cope with acne, 2 teaspoons of crushed nuts are mixed with egg white. The mixture is moistened with gauze or a small piece of tissue and put on the face. After 15 minutes, the mask is washed with warm water.

And to relieve tension, it is recommended to make a mask with Brazil nut oil.

Brazilian nut. How much is useful to use

Doctors insist that it is permissible for a person to consume from 2 to 4 nuts per day. They work best with hard cheeses.

Brazilian nut. Harm and contraindications

These nuts are the most allergenic of all. In no case should you eat unpeeled nuts, their skins contain aflatoxin, a substance that provokes serious diseases, including cirrhosis and cancer.

Daily use can also play a cruel joke on a person. They contain radium, which can accumulate and provoke diseases, and selenium, an excess of which can cause severe poisoning.

How to choose and store Brazil nuts

Give preference to nuts that have not been processed, do not have any additional components, for example, sugar. If they are in the pods, then there should be no musty odor and signs of fungal diseases.

They are best consumed raw. After heat treatment, the amount of nutrients is significantly reduced. Store them in a dry and dark place.

Brazil nuts are good for a snack, although they are not light foods. They can be used after long and severe illnesses, as a supportive agent for the immune system. But, you should always remember that a large number of nuts can cause serious health problems.

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