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Ventolin albuterol – instructions, indications and contraindications

Nebulizer therapy in newborns with pneumonia complicated by broncho-obstructive syndrome The effectiveness of nebulizing inhalations with in 41 newborn infants with broncho-obstructive syndrome on the background of mechanical ventilation-associated pneumonia and tracheobronchitis was assessed in comparison with 25 children with similar pathology on standard basic therapy. It was established that inhalation therapy in both…
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Diet during illness or how to keep fit.

What to do if you started to follow a diet for losing weight and suddenly fell ill. How to continue to eat, so as not to gain weight, and maybe even lose weight without harm to health. We highlight the principles of nutrition during illness and tell you how to deal with physical exertion. New…
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Contrast shower for weight loss, for cellulite and for immunity.

What is useful douche knows, probably, everyone. But, not everyone regularly performs this procedure, but in vain! Contrast shower for weight loss helps no less than from cellulite and is accessible to everyone. How to take a contrast shower in our article. Contrast shower for weight loss and cellulite Many people who have problems with…
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Up to 10 kg per week: an effective way to lose weight is revealed

In overweight and obese people, there is an increased activity of a certain hormone – endothelin-1 (ET-1), which has a powerful vasoconstrictor effect. His activity can be limited to physical exertion. At the same time, if regular trips to the gym do not fit into the schedule, those who want to lose weight, you can…
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