Choleretic food. List of foods for stagnant bile

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Bile is designed to remove excess cholesterol from the body. It also prevents the development of putrefactive processes, prevents fermentation. With a prolonged shortage of bile, the body begins to lack fat-soluble acids. This problem provokes others, namely, problems associated with fragility of bones, prolonged bleeding can disturb, and even due to a lack of vitamin A, night blindness can begin.
In addition to medication, bile stagnation can be eliminated by following a diet.

The role of bile in digestion

Bile is directly involved in the process of digesting food. Produced on an ongoing basis by the liver. Then it enters the gallbladder, where it is accumulated and stored until the moment of eating. As soon as the digestive process begins, the release of bile into the duodenum immediately begins. Bile helps to neutralize hydrochloric acid residues. It also breaks down fats and helps the absorption of fat-soluble substances.

When to take action

Bile stasis can be chronic or acute. They also distinguish icteric and anicteric , that is, depending on the location of the stagnation.

You can suspect that bile stagnation has arisen by the following signs:

  • frequent belching;
  • constant fatigue;
  • an enlarged liver;
  • pain in the right hypochondrium;
  • unpleasant feeling of bitterness in the mouth;
  • itching and rashes on the skin;
  • constipation, or vice versa, diarrhea;
  • drowsiness or insomnia;
  • weight loss;
  • incomprehensible coating on the tongue;
  • bad breath.

As a rule, after eating fatty foods, the condition worsens, a strong feeling of nausea worries.

The icteric form is characterized by a change in skin color, darkening of the color of urine, enlightenment of feces and urticaria.

Most people attribute absolutely all symptoms to poor quality food, dental problems, vitamin deficiency, or associate with other chronic diseases.

The problem with bile stagnation can result in even more dangerous pathologies. Its lack makes it impossible for the body to break down fat. In addition, some digestive enzymes cease to be produced, as a result, fat enters the bloodstream in its pure form. As a result, cholesterol accumulates in the body, gradually accumulates on the walls of blood vessels, pressure rises steadily, blood vessels become clogged.

The risk of developing diabetes increases, since glucose does not go into the state of glycogen. Lack of bile can trigger osteoporosis, as the amount of calcium in the body decreases. Well, the most common scenario is the appearance of gallbladder calculi.

What helps with stagnant bile

In fact, stagnation is not such a terrible and difficult condition, especially if the problem has appeared recently. Everything can be corrected by correcting nutrition.

First of all, you need to eat food regularly, but only in small portions, in no case overeat. It is recommended to reduce the amount of salt and sugar in the diet as much as possible. You will have to cut back on your fat intake and drink enough free fluids. Food can only be eaten warm, not hot. You will have to give up ice cream without fail.

It is imperative that foods are introduced into the diet that contribute to the dilution of bile. It is reduced, ideally, completely excluded from the diet of coffee, alcoholic beverages and smoking are completely excluded. Do not forget that you need to lead an active lifestyle, move more and play sports.

Choleretic products

Certain foods stimulate the contraction of the bladder and thus thin the bile. A properly selected menu allows you to normalize its outflow and stabilize the process of its entry into the duodenum.

One of the basic rules is that breakfast must necessarily consist of choleretic products, since it is in the morning that the bladder and stomach are relaxed, all processes are slowed down.

Vegetable oils

It is fats of vegetable origin that have a beneficial effect on the digestion process and on the body as a whole. Naturally, we are talking about natural oils and in small quantities.

Cold-pressed oils are suitable, that is, any that have not been heat treated. It is best to consume a couple of tablespoons of oil daily, 30 minutes before breakfast, on an empty stomach. It can be corn oil, olive oil and of course sunflower oil or flax seed oil.

Fresh fruits and vegetables

In the presence of stagnation, fruits and vegetables must be present in the patient’s diet. It is best that they enter the body fresh. The most useful are:

  • beet;
  • Strawberry;
  • tomatoes;
  • bananas;
  • spinach;
  • carrot;
  • figs;
  • cabbage, any varieties;
  • asparagus;
  • rhubarb;
  • apples;
  • olives;
  • all types of greens, especially dill, cilantro;
  • artichoke;
  • citrus.

Lingonberries and mountain ash can be distinguished from the berries. It is recommended to make all kinds of drinks and juices from them, which are best consumed in the morning.

Spices and condiments

We are used to the fact that spices are used to impart certain flavors to food. In fact, some help the stomach and liver function. Recommended seasonings for this type of problem include: ginger, turmeric, cinnamon and chicory. They will definitely not worsen the condition or harm the stomach.

Other products

In addition to the food products described above, there is a whole list that will help get rid of bile stagnation:

  • fermented milk products, especially sour cream, cottage cheese and yogurt;
  • butter, but in limited quantities;
  • hard boiled eggs;
  • whole grain cereals;
  • boiled meat and fish;
  • cheese;
  • buckwheat, rice porridge;
  • oatmeal;
  • dried wheat bread.

It turns out that in order to normalize the digestive tract, you can eat almost all food products and build a balanced diet.

Choleretic drinks

In addition to food, you can stimulate the excretion of bile with drinks. At the same time, one should never forget that free liquid should regularly enter the body, that is, not drinks, but pure, gas-free water. Lack of fluid in the body leads not only to dehydration, but also to stagnation of bile.

Useful drinks for bile stagnation include:

  • vegetable and fruit juices, especially apple and lemon juices, always diluted with water;
  • hibiscus ;
  • ordinary water with the addition of a small amount of honey;
  • a decoction of vegetables: beets, carrots and cabbage.

It is also recommended to drink decoctions of medicinal herbs, but it is still better to consult a doctor first, since herbs can provoke the movement of calculi if they are already in the bile. Flowers of immortelle, St. John’s wort, rose hips, barberry berries, wormwood are suitable.

A decoction of St. John’s wort should be drunk in half a glass about 20 minutes before meals. However, this herb can cause constipation, so if you have a tendency to this problem, then it is better to give up St. John’s wort drinks.

Drinks with corn silk are consumed in a tablespoon before meals, 15 minutes. Drink 3 times throughout the day.

The doctor may recommend certain mineral water. In the future, it is necessary to drink herbal tinctures and mineral water as a preventive measure 2-3 times a year. The full course of treatment with water and tinctures should be at least 1 month.

Diet with stagnation of bile in the gallbladder

Diet table No. 5 according to Pevzner, is a diet based on the lipotropic- fat principle and allows you to increase the outflow of bile. Simply put, the diet minimizes simple carbohydrates and increases fat. For the rest, you should adhere to the nutritional principles that are provided for the diet with cholecystitis. That is, products that enhance the activity of the digestive tract are reduced.

First of all, so that bile does not take on a thick consistency, you should drink enough water. Milk thistle supplements are recommended . The menu is designed in such a way that the dishes do not burden the stomach. In a small amount, you can enter easily digestible fats: coconut, olive or flaxseed oil. The introduction of bovine bile as an additive is allowed. Sugary foods are limited. No fast food , hot spices and alcoholic drinks.

The daily caloric intake should not exceed 2500 units. Salt is limited to 10 g per day, and sugar to 50 g.

An example menu can be composed as follows:

BreakfastCottage cheese, juice from fresh berries with water in a 1: 1 ratioOatmeal, water with honeyBoiled hard-boiled eggs, weak tea with honey
LunchPermitted fruitsMashed compoteDried fruits
DinnerSoup with vegetables, buckwheat porridge, boiled vealUkha, boiled mackerel, salad with fresh vegetablesBroccoli puree soup, stewed carrots, boiled chicken
Afternoon snackRosehip drinkCurdled milkKefir
DinnerBoiled potatoes and meat of your choiceBraised green beans, boiled pollockCurd pudding, some fruit

With a strong feeling of hunger, before going to bed, you can drink kefir or jelly, preferably from bran. Throughout the day, you can eat dried bread, drinks with medicinal herbs. Give preference to natural products, completely give up sausages. The duration of the diet should be at least 6 months. After that, you should undergo an examination, and the doctor will tell you how to proceed.

A balanced diet will allow not only to eliminate the stagnation of bile, but also to correct the overall state of health, get rid of extra pounds.

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