Diet for fatty liver hepatosis , permitted and prohibited foods

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Constant emotional stress, lack of physical activity and poor nutrition, all this leads to a general deterioration in health and negatively affects the functioning of the liver. Under certain circumstances, the combination of these factors can cause the development of fatty liver hepatosis or steatosis .

Briefly about the disease

Pathology is a non-alcoholic form of fatty liver and is characterized by an increase in fat cells. The extreme threshold is considered to be an increase in the total mass of the organ by 5-10%.

At the beginning of the disease, the disease does not cause much trouble. But, nevertheless, there are characteristic symptoms that are inherent in this stage:

  • increased fatigue;
  • pain in the right hypochondrium;
  • general weakness.

And this is precisely the main danger of steatosis , it is rather difficult to suspect it in the early stages. However, if left untreated, the disease can cause cirrhosis, that is, lead to the death of liver cells.

The risk group includes, first of all, people who are obese. This is especially true for persons who have excess fat around the waist. People with type 2 diabetes are also at risk. Those who have high blood pressure or high cholesterol should also be wary of the development of the disease. Not least is age, the risk of getting fatty liver hepatosis increases after 30 years. Very rarely, but still, the disease can appear against the background of the abuse of antibacterial agents or with prolonged exposure to heavy metals on the body. Even less often, but nevertheless, pathology may occur against the background of surgical intervention. And of course alcohol, which negatively affects the liver. 

General rules

The main goal of nutritional correction in the presence of fatty liver hepatosis is to remove the load from the organ and prevent the appearance of new fat cells. The diet also helps stimulate the production of bile.

However, for the diet to be beneficial, you must adhere to a number of rules:

  • lose weight, but at the same time do not use fashionable, strict diets, but do it gradually, by reducing the calorie content and fat content of the diet.
  • the amount of protein food in the diet increases, fish or meat should be present up to 100 g throughout the day;
  • the menu should include a large amount of fiber, vegetables and fruits should be present on the patient’s table daily;
  • in no case is the use of fried foods allowed;
  • it is permissible to cook food by boiling, baking, stewing;
  • should be eaten in small portions;
  • eat during the day at least 4-5 times;
  • the amount of spices in the diet is minimized;
  • salt should also be consumed in a minimum amount;
  • for the recovery period, you will have to give up sweets, flour products and any fast carbohydrates.

And, of course, adherence to the drinking regime is the basis of any proper nutrition. In no case should you drink carbonated, and even more so sweet drinks. Instead, it is better to drink fruit drinks (without sugar), teas, decoctions of medicinal herbs.

If the pathology has arisen against the background of obesity, as a rule, this happens, then the calorie content of the daily diet is limited to 1400 units. The reduction in calories should be due to the exclusion of sugar and foods with its content, the amount of fat is reduced. In no case should you reduce the amount of fiber and protein.

However, it should be remembered that in no case should the diet become severely impoverished or starve. This behavior can backfire.

Allowed Products

The main rule in the presence of fatty liver hepatosis is an abundance of fiber in the diet, that is, there should be fruits and vegetables. It is recommended to give preference to the following:

  • grenades;
  • Chinese cabbage;
  • beets;
  • zucchini;
  • green peas;
  • pumpkin;
  • bananas;
  • carrots;
  • apples.
  • there is no ban on dried fruits, but the measure should still be known.

You can eat poultry and other animals, but on condition that it is not fatty. The same rule should be followed when choosing fish, that is, the consumption of tuna, pollock, pike perch, cod, hake is allowed.

A number of seafood can also be added to the diet: shrimp, mussels and squid. But they should not account for more than 5% of the diet.

You can eat fermented milk products and drink milk drinks. But, as in other cases, these foods and drinks should be low in calories. On the basis of milk, you can prepare dishes, for example, semolina porridge or rice, oatmeal. Porridge can also be eaten and it is not necessary to cook them with milk, you can use water. Pasta is allowed, but in moderation.

For cooking, you can use some spices, in particular, dill, Italian herbs and bay leaves, the rest remain prohibited.

You can eat crackers and toasted biscuits, bread with rye flour and bran. Boiled eggs and nuts of all kinds can be used in small quantities.

From vegetable oils, it is allowed to use no more than 30 g of butter throughout the day. It is allowed to use refined vegetable oil.

From drinks it is allowed to drink vegetable and fruit fruit drinks and juices, but they must be diluted with water. You can make compotes, both from fresh fruits and from dried fruits. You can cook jelly, make decoctions of herbs and rose hips.

Remember, even fully approved foods should be consumed in moderation.

Fully or partially limited products

Any alcohol is strictly prohibited during the treatment of fatty liver hepatosis . In no case is the consumption of fatty foods unacceptable, that is, pork, lamb, and fatty fish are prohibited.

It is not allowed to drink coffee, broths cooked with meat. Products made from wheat flour are prohibited, especially with the addition of margarine or butter.

All sauces, mayonnaises, sausages and sausages are completely banned. Canned food and spicy dishes, spices are prohibited.

We’ll have to forget about going to fast food , desserts and ice cream. In no case should you drink carbonated drinks.

Menu. Diet

In fact, the diet for fatty liver hepatosis involves rather strict restrictions. But this should not frighten the patient, it is quite possible to eat tasty food. An example menu might look like this:


BreakfastEgg omelet, herbal tea, croutonsOatmeal with milk, cucumber saladFruit pudding, rosehip decoction
DinnerCauliflower soup, buckwheat porridge and chicken cutletVegetarian soup, millet porridge, steamed pollockLight borscht, without rich meat broth, meatballs
DinnerCheesecakes with sour creamStewed carrots, steamed codAllowed seafood salad, some croutons


BreakfastRice and milk porridge, dried fruit compote, dried breadCurd pudding, glass of milkDumplings with cottage cheese, fruit drink, diluted with water
DinnerBroccoli cream soup, vinaigretteChinese cabbage soup, meatloafBeetroot, boiled fish
DinnerPumpkin casserole, milkBaked turkey, fresh cabbage saladMilk noodles, boiled chicken drumstick


BreakfastMilk porridge, teaZucchini casserole, some cookiesVegetable salad, compote
DinnerSoup, potato casserole with meatFish soup, pumpkin casserole, possible with cottage cheeseEar, but without rich broth, buckwheat porridge, you can use milk
DinnerBoiled potatoes, some chopped meatVinaigrette, boiled beefEggplant caviar, some fish


BreakfastA little boiled chicken meat, tomato saladPumpkin casserole, rosehip decoctionA little boiled brown rice, milk
DinnerMushroom soup, but it is better not to eat the mushrooms themselves, green peasBoiled beef and fresh vegetable saladCabbage , boiled chicken
DinnerBeef meatballs, tomato saladSteamed cod, carrot saladBraised fish and fresh vegetables


BreakfastBoiled rabbit and stewed carrotsBaked beetroot, meatloafBoiled eggs, salad with fresh vegetables
DinnerVegetable stew, boiled rabbitSteamed fish, boiled potatoesVegetable soup, buckwheat porridge
DinnerCauliflower, turkey cutletsChicken and pilafPasta, some fish


BreakfastPorridge “Hercules”, possible with bran, a couple of applesBoiled Chinese cabbage and a slice of boiled codSemolina porridge with milk, compote
DinnerCabbage rolls with riceMilk soup, beef stewRice porridge, boiled chicken fillet
DinnerFish schnitzel, vinaigretteBoiled shrimp, a little compote or juiceCabbage rolls


BreakfastCottage cheese pancakes, some dried fruitsBuckwheat porridge, boiled pike perchPumpkin pancakes, low fat kefir
DinnerPuree soup with cabbage, stewed beetrootFish soup, steamed fish cakesBoiled pasta and soup
DinnerCottage cheese pancakes and sour creamStuffed pepperVegetable stew, boiled chicken

Snacks include fruits such as baked apples or bananas. You can eat low-fat cottage cheese or dried fruits. For an afternoon snack, you can drink a smoothie with fruits and bran. Jelly, biscuit biscuits are also suitable.

It should always be remembered that in the fight for health, one cannot rely only on changes in diet and on medicines. Physical activity must be present in the life of every person, you need to walk in the fresh air and be less nervous. If possible, you should give up all bad habits. Try to always be in a joyful mood, avoid stress and strong emotional experiences. Health cannot be bought, for any money, it is priceless. 

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