Diet for the pancreas, sample menu

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Any disease of the pancreas requires a serious approach to nutrition. Improvements are directly related to the food consumed. The danger of pathology is that nutrients cease to flow due to the lack of enzymes in the stomach, which are produced by the pancreas. This is due to the swelling of the walls of the bile ducts and stomach. At the same time, the organ continues to produce enzymes that gradually destroy it. For this reason, the main rule of nutrition in the presence of such a problem is to eat in small doses. The body should receive mainly proteins, it is necessary to additionally make up for the lack of useful elements through food additives.

General rules

The menu for problems with the pancreas should be based on several postulates:

  • food should be fed into the stomach at least 7 times throughout the day;
  • there should be little food on the plate;
  • almost complete rejection of fat;
  • it is better to give preference to liquid dishes, especially at the stage of exacerbation;
  • no spicy food.

Complete refusal from drinks containing alcohol and / or gas.

Varieties of diet

There are two main types of diet – the sparing diet or the 5p-1 table-based diet. It should be adhered to from 3 to 10 days after surgery, in the acute stage. The menu assumes a sharp restriction of carbohydrates and fats. It is unacceptable to eat any food that can provoke bloating or stimulate the secretion of gastric juice. Food must not be fried. Both cold and hot drinks and dishes are completely excluded .

The second option is the 5p-2 diet. It is prescribed during the period of remission, immediately after an exacerbation. Any fried foods are strictly prohibited, food should be grated, boiled or steamed. The diet includes an increased amount of protein foods and a moderate intake of carbohydrates. The salt on the menu is also reduced to almost zero.

How diet helps treat inflammation of the pancreas

The inflammatory process in the organ is an insidious ailment that can lead to the onset of form 2 diabetes. It is this organ that secretes insulin. In addition, if you do not follow a diet, then there is a risk of gastrointestinal diseases. 

How long should you limit yourself to food

Alas, diseases of the pancreas require adherence to a certain menu throughout life. Even if there have been improvements after 3-6 months, then in the future it is permissible to introduce “heavy” foods, but all your life you will have to give up canned and other “harmful” foods, even spices. 

Foods to avoid

The basic rule that must be adhered to is to eliminate food that stimulates the production of enzymes for the breakdown of incoming food to zero. Completely prohibited foods include:

  • fat;
  • fried foods, these are scrambled eggs, bacon;
  • meat must be peeled;
  • fish cannot be fried;
  • sweets and pastries;
  • ice cream and chocolates are prohibited;
  • preservation, smoking and sausages, including even cod liver, due to the large amount of fat in them;
  • dairy products, especially mayonnaise, sour cream, cheeses.

Many fruits and vegetables are permissible to eat, but some are under the strictest prohibition, namely:

  • White cabbage;
  • tomatoes;
  • cucumbers;
  • grapes;
  • oranges;
  • turnip;
  • grenades.

We’ll have to give up eating mushrooms.

There are also stringent requirements for drinks. It is strictly forbidden to drink cold water and coffee. Tea is possible, but not strong. Some juices, fresh juices and fruit drinks are prohibited : orange, apricot, apple and grapefruit. You can’t drink lemonade. 

Acceptable food

But do not look pessimistic at the list of food items for problems with the pancreas. In fact, sometimes, but still rarely, you can make yourself a small feast of the stomach.

Periodically you can eat:

  • chicken and pork liver;
  • olive or cedar oil;
  • doctor’s sausage;
  • butter, but with a fat content not higher than 60%;
  • waffles, but no filling;
  • marmalade;
  • boiled eggs, but not more than 2-3 pieces throughout the week;
  • cinnamon;
  • vanillin.

By the way, rock salt can be replaced with sea salt.

Allowed and Recommended Food

To reduce the stress on the organ, it is recommended to include the following foods in the diet:

  • turkey and chicken meat;
  • lamb;
  • perch fillet;
  • veal;
  • cod and other low-fat seafood varieties;
  • wheat bread, but stale;
  • crackers;
  • biscuit biscuits;
  • jelly, but in small portions;
  • almost any soups can be, but it is better to give preference to vegetarian;
  • cauliflower;
  • baked apples;
  • zucchini;
  • potatoes;
  • carrot;
  • hard cheese, with a low fat content, up to 30%;
  • yogurt and milk with a fat content of up to 1%.

Kissel will be useful, you can drink it throughout the day. It is permissible to drink juices, but not of industrial production, but freshly squeezed, from carrots, strawberries (diluted with water 1: 1) and banana. You can brew hibiscus , but no more than 2 times throughout the day.

Diet table number 5

If you have problems with the organ, it is recommended to adhere to table number 5. The diet is designed in such a way as to avoid aggravation. They switch to such food after an exacerbation and 2-3 days of hunger strike. The menu assumes food consumption every 2-3 hours. Thus, it turns out, to reduce the load on the stomach. Water should also be supplied to the body in sufficient quantities, from 2 to 3 liters.

Pancreas and alcohol

Alcohol abuse has an extremely negative effect on the condition of the pancreas. The cells of this organ suffer even more from alcohol than liver cells. Scientists were able to establish that 50% of alcohol is the cause of the appearance of an inflammatory process in the organ. It is not able to break down alcohol, and when it gets into it, alcohol causes spasms. As a result, protein plugs appear, which over time can turn into dense formations. Over time, the gland begins to become inflamed and, eventually, putrefactive processes begin. 

Examples of menus and recipes

You need to eat at least 5-6 times throughout the day. The menu can be like this:

Breakfast200 g buckwheat porridge, croutons150 g pumpkin and potato puree, croutons200 g oatmeal, croutons
LunchSteamed chicken cutlet, dried bread, a glass of milkCarrot soufflé, cutlets with lean meatRice porridge, chicken soufflé *
DinnerVegetarian soup, fish cutletNoodle soup, chicken cutletCauliflower soup **, boiled veal
Afternoon snackBaked apple, kefirSteamed omelet, fruit jellyGalette cookies, juice
DinnerCottage cheese, tea with milk, some biscuitsVegetable stew, boiled chickenBoiled pumpkin, chicken cutlet

As you can see even from the 3 options, the menu is not so monotonous.

* To make chicken soufflé, you need one poultry breast and an egg, which are mixed in a meat grinder. Milk (150 ml), a little salt are added to the mixture. A baking dish is treated with vegetable oil and the resulting minced meat is spread. Bake the dish for 30 minutes in the oven at 200 degrees.

** Cauliflower soup is prepared in minutes. The plant is divided into inflorescences, a little chopped carrots and chopped onions are added. All components are filled with a small amount of water and milk. The proportion should be 1: 1. Put the mixture on the fire and cook until the cabbage is cooked. Add a little salt, grated cheese and boil for another 5 minutes.

Nutrition for pain in the pancreas

Severe attacks are relieved with medication. But they are reducing the range of menus, as they cannot do without it. First of all, you must abandon everything with a very high or low temperature. Absolutely everything should be consumed only warm. This applies to any liquid. Fats are immediately excluded, in no case fried foods are unacceptable. Vegetables in a grated form and with a low content of oxalic acid, steam or boiled are ideal for eating. Jelly is introduced, a small amount of puddings and jellies, also prepared in a gentle mode, slimy soups, crackers, biscuit biscuits. 

It is permissible to eat seafood and meat dishes. However, you will have to choose according to the principle of low fat content in the workpieces.

Nutrition after pancreatic surgery

After surgery, it is unacceptable to eat food for 2 days. From day 3, the gradual introduction of products begins:

  1. tea without sweeteners and sugar;
  2. vegetarian soups;
  3. buckwheat or rice porridge;
  4. steamed omelet;
  5. cottage cheese with 0% fat.

Mandatory introduced 2 breakfasts, the break between which should be 4 hours. In the evening, it is permissible to eat meat or fish.

Nutrition for stones in the pancreas

This condition is diagnosed as ” pancreatolithiasis “. In the presence of such a nutritional problem, the emphasis is on plant foods. Some fish are allowed, but always boiled. Cooking should be done using gentle technology, no fried oils and crispy crusts. Eating fatty foods and eggs is unacceptable. No overeating.

Pancreatic Disease Nutrition Schedule

You need to eat often, but always in small portions. At least 4 times, crushing up to 6 times is allowed. The maximum break between meals is 4 hours. Very useful slimy soups, liquid food consistency.

Problems with internal organs are extremely dangerous for humans. Some diseases can be fatal. For this reason, you should always control your diet and try to avoid drinking alcohol.

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