Xenical is the most modern tool for weight loss

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Weight loss is primarily a health improvement and weight loss. And as in almost any type of treatment, there are a variety of approaches. Someone goes under the surgeon’s knife, someone begins to eat separately, someone on the contrary-mixed, someone uses medications. Here is one of these drugs and will be discussed.

Xenical is a drug developed by Swiss researchers that blocks the breakdown of fats by the human body and prevents their absorption. How does this drug work? The human pancreas produces an enzyme that breaks down fat. And Xenical, in turn, breaks down this enzyme. Thus, from the food that has entered the body, carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins are absorbed, and unprocessed fats are removed.

This simple and very effective way of influencing the body leads to the fact that the accumulated fat begins to burn and weight loss manifests itself. It should be noted that the drug Xenical, which is based on the active substance Orlistat, is allowed to take only patients with obesity, overweight, caused by an increased percentage of body fat.

The use of Xenical in combination with hypoglycemic drugs is very effective, since obesity often accompanies diabetes. The use of the drug helps to facilitate the course of atherosclerosis and diabetes mellitus. Clinical studies have shown that in addition to the effect on enzymes, xenical does not affect the rest of the body in any way.

Xenical is not absorbed into the blood, and therefore does not affect other systems, does not cause toxification of the body. In addition, the lack of fat intake by the body leads to the use of subcutaneous reserves, but does not affect the muscle tissue in any way. Weight loss occurs due to fat burning. Thus, we can say that Xenical is safe for long-term use and, in combination with physical activity and diets, prevents the re-accumulation of fat, re-weight gain. The drug can be used in combination with other drugs, since there is no interaction between the drugs of different groups and Xenical.

However, taking Xenical is quite often accompanied by some undesirable side effects. This is primarily a liquid rapid stool, gas discharge, oily discharge from the rectum. However, when you stop taking the drug, the work of the stomach is very quickly normalized. In addition, Xenical can not be taken with food containing a small amount of fat. Reduce the unpleasant effects of taking Xenical will help appropriate diets.
An overdose of this drug can lead to an upset stomach, but the consequences are easily reversible. The drug is used in capsules of 120 mg. Reception-three times a day immediately after meals. Thus, for effective use, it is necessary to distribute the daily food intake by three times and balance the amount of carbon, fat and protein.

Proper administration of the drug Xenical leads to weight loss by twenty percent. In cases of severe obesity, the percentage of weight loss can increase to thirty. According to experts, it is impossible to enhance the effects of the drug. It is only possible to reduce the discomfort when taking the drug. The drug is approved for use on the territory of Russia and is available in any pharmacies, on specialized Internet pages. Xenical Orlistat is a new, safe, effective technology for weight loss with the help of medicines.

Why do we lose weight?

To begin with, let’s figure out how the process of losing weight occurs? So, in order to lose weight, we need to form a calorie deficit. That is, you need to spend more calories than you get. You can form a calorie deficit in two ways: by eating and exercising. There is a 3rd one that complements food and fitness and is not a separate weight loss option: extra-workout activity (your favorite 10,000 steps).

Deficit options

That is, you can cut food to the necessary deficit and start losing weight, while not going to the gym. Or you can eat chocolate bars and work out more in the gym than you ate. In both cases, you will lose weight.

And what exactly you will lose weight, waist or buttocks, is unknown. The result is not predictable. In both cases. And what to do after losing weight to maintain the result? This, unfortunately, is not written in the recommendations for any diet.

As they say:When you lose weight, you will understand that you were not loved not because you were fat, but because you were a fool!” In this joke, I found a deep meaning associated with the process of losing weight and the state to which you come as a result.

Where to start, or Most importantly

So, where to start? First of all, choose a weight loss strategy for yourself, defining your goals. If you want to be at the resort in a month and, having sucked in your stomach, take a couple of beautiful pictures for Instagram or conquer the man of your dreams, then you can risk all your health, because it does not cost you anything while it is there! Fast weight loss came up just for you! Get ready for a serious stress for the body! Sit on the “Dukan”- and in a month you will pour out 4-5 kg of water, 2-3 kg of fat and muscle mixed.

If you are ready to lose weight once and for all, then let’s figure out together why this strategy is right and what result you will come to.

Calorie deficit

Let’s start with the food. Any diet from the Internet is a huge calorie deficit, cutting food from your, for example, the usual 2300-2500 to 1000 kcal per day. The food itself is of little importance in them. The point of any diet is to create the maximum deficit. Accordingly, the greater the deficit, the faster the process of losing weight.

But a large deficit is primarily a violation of the hormonal background and a high risk of breakdowns.

In a long-term weight loss strategy, the calorie deficit should be small – 200, maximum 400 kcal per day. Never lower your daily calorie intake to less than 1500 kcal! This is the lowest threshold of a healthy norm for a woman over the age of 16.

With a small calorie deficit and proper work in the gym, you begin to lose weight precisely due to subcutaneous fat. The optimal weight loss formula is 3 weeks of deficit, followed by 3 weeks of retention. That is, the first 3 weeks you eat 200-400 kcal less than your daily norm, then 3 weeks you eat the daily norm. But do not exceed it! It is important. We lost a couple of kg. Then a new circle: deficit-retention. And so on until you find the desired numbers. I do not recommend sitting on the deficit without holding, as there will be breakdowns that will demotivate you to do this important thing, which will definitely turn your life 180 degrees.

How to calculate your rate?

Everyone has it individually. And when it comes to a deficit of 200 kcal-it is important not to make a mistake with the norm. To this end, nutritionists and nutrition experts have formulas based on your measurements. But if it is not possible to pass such testing, then it is easiest to listen to your body through observations. Try to eat 3 clean meals a day for a few days (cereals, meat, fish, eggs, vegetables and 20 g of butter and vegetable oil in half) and observe changes in weight, as well as count the amount of food. It is very difficult to overeat with such a food basket, if you do not add sugar and delicious sauce or start frying everything. After calculating the daily calorie intake for 1-2 weeks and observing the weight, which is unlikely to change for the worse, you will calculate your daily norm. This data will be exactly your body, which is very important.

Then you will take away 200 – 400 kcal from this norm to create a deficit. With 200 – better than 300 or 400!

What is there in this case?

All the information chaos about what to eat to lose weight, and how to wave your leg so that you have a rounded fifth point — is nothing more than the content of fitonyashek for the same fitonyashek, who have a lot of free time to run around the shops and look for chia seeds for lunch. Ordinary people who work for 8 hours or more, raise children, and deal with other important issues simply do not have the time and opportunity to lead such a lifestyle. Carrying a container of food with you to work is cool, ordering ready-made food with normal is very convenient. But the most important thing in the matter of losing weight is that you do not get tired of these containers after a couple of weeks and you would not give up an important undertaking. If you are used to chatting with your colleagues during your lunch break in your favorite dining room, do not deny yourself this pleasure! Now you can find everything everywhere. The main thing is to be able to choose! Remember that the most important principle of effective weight loss is that you should be comfortable. You should not feel like an outcast, choking on lentils in the kitchen, when everyone is going to a friendly group for lunch.

Food ration

How do you still make up your diet? In the process of losing weight, only the calorie deficit matters, and not your diet (for a healthy person)! You can eat chocolate and burgers and still lose weight. But if you replace a delicious high-calorie meal with a “proper” one (we are not talking about a low-calorie one), saturation occurs much faster and the diet proceeds more comfortably. And the right food is the one that feeds your muscles, which has all the nutrients you need, which does not lead you to breakdowns and helps to start the acceleration of metabolic processes.

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