Efficient nutrition for gaining muscle mass for men

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Gaining muscle mass is extremely important for the bodybuilding and fitness professional. You will not be able to “blind” a perfectly beautiful body solely in training. Rational nutrition in this matter plays an important role.

Nutritional Principles for Muscle Gain

A competent approach to the issue of muscle growth should be based on the following principles:

  • You should eat fractionally, more precisely, at least 5 times throughout the day.
  • Maintain a balance between beneficial components, namely: 30% protein, 60% carbohydrates and 10% fat. These indicators are subject to adjustment depending on the physique and purpose, but not more than by 5-10%.
  • It is necessary to calculate the calorie content individually. Much depends on the lifestyle, training intensity.
  • Drink 2 to 3 liters of water.
  • The breaks between meals should be the same time, approximately 3 hours.
  • Give preference to foods with a low glycemic index.

Particular attention should be paid to the distribution of food, depending on its quality composition. For example, after training, it is better to eat carbohydrates, and before going to bed, give them up and give preference to proteins and the so-called correct fats – olive oil and other foods.

Calorie content of food

Excess calories can lead to metabolic disturbances and, as a result, to the appearance of body fat. For this reason, each athlete must calculate an individual calorie intake for himself. This is done using the following formula:

Total weight of a person (kg) X 30 = number of required units of calories throughout the day.

It is allowed to increase the calculated number of calories by 500 units. If the athlete is prone to thinness, then by 1000 units.

Harmony of proteins, fats and carbohydrates

You should always remember about the balance between fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Without fail, carbohydrates must be present in the diet. Their volume should exceed 2 times the proteins, which must be consumed at the rate of about 1.5 – 2 g per 1 kg. the weight of a person. Fatty foods should be the least on the menu.

Animal protein is best for gaining weight, but not just animal protein. Vegetable fat can be obtained from nuts, cereals and cereals.

It is not recommended to give up carbohydrates. They are divided into two types: complex and simple. The latter type is necessary in the case when it is required to restore the energy supply as quickly as possible. These products include chocolate, baked goods. Complex carbohydrates are found in cereals, cereals, and rice. Their advantage is that they are absorbed by the body for a long time.

Carbohydrates are best for waking up and exercising. This is supported by recent scientific research. However, proteins should never be discarded. For a man weighing 75 kg. a day will require about 112-130 g of protein in food. Exceeding this norm will not give positive results.

Also, do not forget that in no case should you go hungry. Serving correctly throughout the day will help maintain energy and insulin levels in your blood.

You should always remember that the diet should be as varied as possible; you should not bet on sports nutrition and vitamins. Plant and natural protein foods contain natural phyto-substances that the body of any person needs. Freeze-dried products cannot boast of this, therefore, they often become the cause of the development of all kinds of diseases.

Water and its amount

Water in the diet of every person must be present. We are not talking about drinks, coffee and tea, but about clean water. It allows you to improve metabolic processes, remove waste products from the body and quench your thirst during intense exertion.

It can be mineral water without gas, spring water. It is unacceptable to add sugar or honey to it – only pure! Athletes need to consume about 3 liters per day.

What foods should be included in the menu for muscle growth

It is recommended for bodybuilders to pay attention to nutrient content when choosing food. The most common products include:

  • eggs
  • pasta (dark varieties)
  • black bread
  • nuts
  • beans
  • potato
  • a fish
  • poultry
  • muesli
  • kefir
  • cottage cheese
  • cheese
  • chocolate
  • porridge
  • mushrooms and other products that allow you to create a varied menu

Foods rich in carbohydrates

The human body receives energy mainly from carbohydrates, so an athlete cannot do without them. The list of recommended products from this category includes: fruits, grains, vegetables. To increase the amount of carbohydrates in the diet, you should lean on:

  • rice
  • buckwheat
  • oatmeal
  • potato

Protein foods

It is recommended to include protein at every meal, or at least every other time. It is especially important before bed. Most often, low-fat cottage cheese is used for this.

Recommended products for consumption, indicating the amount of protein per 100 g of the product:

NameThe amount of protein in 100g.
chicken breast23.09
beef liver17.4
pork meat11.64-16.4
chicken eggs12.7
milk with a fat content of 3.2%2.8
cottage cheese 0%eighteen
sunflower seeds20,7
whey proteinfrom 60 to 95 g
casein protein70

High fat foods

In fact, fats are lipids responsible for delivering calories to your muscles. If the diet is low in fat, then the energy will not be enough for intense exercise.

Fat can be obtained not only from vegetable oils. Fish and fish oil are excellent sources. In addition, these products contain polyunsaturated acids that prevent the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. Salmon, herring and other types of fish can be used as the main sources of fat.

Nuts and seeds are rich in vegetable fats. They also allow you to saturate the body with trace elements such as calcium, magnesium, zinc and others.

It will be beneficial to consume avocado, a unique fruit high in vegetable fat.

Are there any contraindications for a sports diet

A balanced and natural diet is unlikely to harm the body. If we talk about sports supplements, then indeed some have serious contraindications to use. For example, with regular use of creatine, the body ceases to produce this substance on its own, therefore, after withdrawal, its deficiency will be observed in the body. The amino acid glutamine, when taken for a long time, causes intestinal irritation. Hence the conclusion, if you do not violate the rules for taking sports nutrition, which the manufacturer prescribes, then there will never be health problems. Also, do not forget that there is always a risk that a person has an individual intolerance to one or another component of sports nutrition.

Approximate nutrition program for a week by day

It is recommended to eat 5-6 times throughout the day, that is, with a break of about 3 hours.


  • oatmeal, coffee, banana;
  • seafood;
  • low-fat cottage cheese, peanuts;
  • rice, stewed vegetables;
  • puree soup;
  • fruit or vegetable salad.


  • wheat porridge, nuts and orange;
  • eggplant paste;
  • cocoa and whole grain bread;
  • cottage cheese with nuts and kiwi;
  • tofu, vegetables;
  • kefir, some dried fruits.


  • pumpkin porridge, cocoa;
  • pilaf and tomatoes;
  • omelet, bread, preferably black and pear;
  • milk, 2 unsweetened fruits;
  • lean beef;
  • yogurt, cottage cheese.


  • pasta, cucumbers and plums;
  • vegetable soup and whole grain bread;
  • smoothies and 2 bananas;
  • rice;
  • fish baked in foil;
  • tea and cheese cakes.


  • cheese and herbs, green tea;
  • cottage cheese with melon;
  • buckwheat pancakes, mushrooms, juice;
  • smoothies with raw vegetables;
  • rice and turkey;
  • kefir, some seeds.


  • scrambled eggs, tea, banana;
  • vegetables;
  • kefir and whole grain bread;
  • cottage cheese 0%, honey;
  • couscous and raisins;
  • fruit salad.


  • omelet, cheese;
  • baked pumpkin;
  • cottage cheese with fruit, kefir or yogurt;
  • rice with vegetables;
  • dried fruits;
  • fresh vegetables with sour cream.

In the evening, it is recommended to eat light food so as not to overload the intestines before bedtime.

How to develop your own monthly plan

First of all, determine the required number of calories per day for yourself, taking into account physical activity. Write down a menu for yourself for all 7 days. It is recommended to choose simple carbohydrates for breakfast, and consume proteins and complex carbohydrates throughout the day, they are also suitable for consumption before sports. Remember to drink water. At the end of classes, you can eat complex carbohydrates.

Remember that you cannot exercise after eating; the interval between these events should be at least 2 hours.

If you follow two rules:

  1. exercise regularly in the gym, at least 3 times a week;
  2. eat properly;

then there will be no problems with muscle mass gain. Don

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