Elementary remedy for childhood obesity

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Recently, experts consider childhood obesity to be a real epidemic. There are several reasons for the development of childhood obesity. Meanwhile, experts believe that the main reason for the accumulation of excess weight in children is malnutrition, which, for the most part, is the fault of parents.

It turns out that raisins are the best food for a children’s snack. Firstly, dried grapes quickly satisfy the hunger. And secondly, it prevents the development of overweight in a child.

The results of a recent study by Canadian experts from the National Society for Healthy Nutrition made this conclusion. Twenty-five children aged eight to eleven years were involved in the experiment. The body weight of all participants was within normal limits. The general nutritional scheme of children during the study was not changed. However, all participants were divided into three groups. The first group ate raisins as a snack, the second ate potato chips, and the third cookie.

It was found that children who ate raisins as a snack felt more full than those who ate cookies and chips. Moreover, when eating raisins, children consumed much less calories than participants from other groups. As a result, experts concluded that the inclusion of raisins in the diet heals the child and is an effective measure to prevent overweight.

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