Scientists believe that parents should more often tell children about healthy eating

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There are several ways to convince a child that eating healthy can help prevent obesity. But are all of them effective? A new study helps parents choose the right tactics when talking with their child about nutrition. Do not defiantly talk about obesity and the need for weight loss. This is wrong and can contribute to the development of unhealthy habits. Instead, scientists advise discussions and discussions about simple healthy eating.

Many parents see the problem, but do not know how to talk with the child. Nutritionists advise parents to tell their children about the benefits of fruits and vegetables, that proper nutrition will make them beautiful and strong. But do not translate the conversation on the subject of weight and size. It has already been proven that obesity greatly affects children’s health. Diseases that were previously diagnosed exclusively in adults, such as type II diabetes and hypertension, are now common in children. In a recent study, scientists examined data on 2,300 adolescents whose average age was 14 years old and 3,500 adults. In general, the survey results indicate that in most cases, conversations are aimed at getting rid of excess weight, which increases the risk of developing unhealthy habits among adolescents. On the other hand, parents who spoke about healthy eating and did not focus on weight and size reduced their chances of developing unhealthy eating habits, such as loss of appetite, eating disorder, or bulimia.

Overall, about 28% of mothers and 23% of fathers of incomplete children talked about healthy eating, while 15% of mothers and 14% of fathers of overweight children said that they talked with children about proper nutrition. About 33% of mothers and 32% of fathers of incomplete children said that they discussed weight and the need for weight loss; among overweight children, this indicator rose to 60% of mothers and 59% of fathers. Scientists also emphasized that talking about good nutrition is useless if children see their parents ignore their own advice. 

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