Fildena for men: action, application and side effects

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For various reasons, a man may have problems with erections. In this case, you can use Fildena to restore blood flow to the genitals. But few people know how Fildena works, and whether there are side effects with an overdose. All this later in the article.

Description of Fildena

Initially, scientists invented pills for completely different purposes than helping men. The drug was developed to treat angina pectoris and hypertension. But after conducting clinical trials, it turned out that the main substance called sildenafil is also active on the genitals. As a result, enterprising manufacturers began to produce this tool as a potency enhancer.

The action of Fildena (tablets for men) is now a significant increase in erection and time for intercourse. The drug begins to act approximately 30 minutes after administration, and the man will remain active for an hour.

The was widely distributed due to the fact that often men over 40 suffer from erectile dysfunction, but do not want to refuse sex. As a rule, this is the result of stress and other negative effects on the body. Potency problems can also cause excessive drinking and smoking.

Where there is demand, there is supply. But many young men use the drug even if their penis can cope with sexual function, and some even run the risk of exceeding the standard dosage. All this entails consequences for the failure, and therefore you should know more about Fildena.

How and what affects

The main active ingredient of the drug is sildenafil. In the human body there is an enzyme called phosphodiesterase. It is he who is responsible for the blood flow to the cavernous bodies of the penis and blood vessels. If this element is blocked, the top of the cots will increase significantly.

Just according to this scheme, sildenafil works: relaxes certain muscles, enhances the flow of blood that goes to the male penis. This is what helps to maintain it in good condition during intercourse. It is important to note that Fildena is not able to cure the cause of dysfunction, it only “eliminates” the consequences.

Another important factor that should not be forgotten is that pills do not affect the level of sexual desire. This means that it works only on the technical side. If a man does not want intimacy, then Fildena may not work.

Proper use

Fildena is prescribed to those men who have already reached puberty, but at the same time suffer from weak potency. Because of this, they cannot lead an active sex life, because a member does not go into a “state of readiness.”

Side effects of Fildena

Some guys start using this tool even when they have no problems with arousal. They believe that if you take pills, it will increase the erection. Perhaps at first it will be so, but subsequently it will lead to unpleasant effects – problems with potency. For this reason, tablets should be taken only to those people who really need it for health reasons.

Contraindications to the use of Fildena

Experts say that Fildena has a fairly wide list of contraindications, which should not be forgotten before use. “Pills of Love” cannot be used in the following cases:

  • A person is taking drugs to treat pulmonary hypertension. There are also a number of prohibited drugs that are strictly forbidden to use with Fildena. For this reason, it is necessary to discuss this possibility with your doctor before use.
  • Violation of blood pressure.
  • A person has recently suffered a stroke or heart attack.
  • There are problems with the kidneys and liver.
  • Difficulties with the circulatory system.
  • With a stomach ulcer.
  • If a man has retinitis pigmentosa. This is an eye disease that can be inherited.
  • The penis of a man is severely deformed.

Fildena is not a safe drug at all, and therefore it can be taken exclusively by those people who have a good general state of health, but at the same time have problems with potency.

Side effects

Many medications have side effects. Fildena is no exception. If a man suffers from cardiovascular diseases, has an increased risk of getting a stroke and heart attack, then taking the drug in his case is strictly prohibited. Fildena has a vasodilating effect, and sexual intercourse is a serious cardiac load. Therefore, if a man has problems with the above diseases, then before taking the drug, he needs to consult with his doctor.

Also, tablets have a separate side effect that many have heard of – too long an erection that can last for 4 hours. In this case, the man experiences pain in the genitals. If such an effect has occurred, you must immediately go to the nearest clinic for examination by a specialist. If the penis is in tension for such a long time, this can lead to tissue damage.

These are only the most dangerous conditions that can be achieved with improper use of the drug. But there is also a fairly impressive list of side effects of Fildena, which are rare. Among them, banal dizziness, indigestion, the appearance of heartburn, as well as uncontrolled urination and minor pain in the genitals.

Surely many have also heard that if you take Fildena too often, you can go blind. This is not a myth – the active active substance of the tablet affects other organs besides the penis. In certain situations, this can serve as a trigger that stops the circulation of the optic nerve. In such a situation, a man may become blind, but such a phenomenon is individual in nature and is rare.

Typically, these problems begin with only one eye. Therefore, if after taking the pills they began to notice that vision is deteriorating in the right or left visual organ, you must immediately stop taking Fildena and sign up for an examination in the clinic.

Consequences of an overdose

Any drugs and medicines that are sold in pharmacies must be taken strictly according to the instructions (the use and effect of Fildena should be prescribed there). There are cases when men took too many pills for fun. For example, 36-year-old Daniel Metford drank 35 tablets at once and soon felt very dizzy and hallucinated. Everything around him “painted” in green. In this case, the situation occurred in a state of strong stimulation of the penis. An erection lasted 5 days. The penis “jumped” from any touch.

In this case, the patient was able to help. But there are also cases when an overdose of the genital organ had to be amputated due to inflammation. There were situations with cardiac arrest.

Therefore, tablets should not be abused.

Analogs of Fildena

In pharmacies, you can find several analogues that have the same effect as the official drug to enhance potency. Among them:

  • Zidena.
  • Cialis.
  • Levitra.

The mechanism of action is similar to “pills of love”, but these remedies differ from Fildena in the duration of exposure. Drugs in this group cannot be obtained without a prescription, since they can not be used by people with a problem of the cardiovascular system.

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