The rules of nutrition for gastritis

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Proper nutrition for gastritis is the main method of treating the disease and preventing the disease in the future. With acute attacks, the diet will relieve unpleasant and painful sensations. In this case, some foods should be excluded from the diet.

What should be discarded

In particular, spicy and salty foods should be avoided: chili peppers, pickles, sour foods, fatty foods – anything that is difficult to digest. Animal fats are the cause of gastritis in patients with weakened stomachs.

Another large group of products that should be discarded is various drinks, such as lemonade, beer, soda water, sparkling wines, champagne, carbonated soft drinks. Serious stomach irritants are alcohol, coffee, and tobacco products. It is categorically important to exclude them from use. Of the teas in the diet, you should leave only green, it is better to refuse other types of this drink.

The use of food at night is excluded. Heavy meals are very poorly digested at night. The interval between eating and sleeping should be at least two hours. A plentiful dinner is a common cause of an attack of gastritis.

Another separate group of undesirable products is confectionery – sweets, cakes, sweet cookies.

The rules of nutrition for gastritis

In addition to nutrition, the frequency of attacks of gastritis is affected by some patient habits, his lifestyle. So, excessive physical exertion before eating food should be avoided. The same goes for any kind of mental or emotional shake.

Before eating, light loads in the form of a relaxing walk or swimming are recommended. This will help alleviate stress and warm your appetite.

It is not recommended to drink plenty of water with meals or immediately after. The fact is that water dilutes the gastric juice, and digestion becomes difficult. It is better to drink water between meals.

Do not use many different foods at the same time to avoid food incompatibility. This can trigger a phenomenon such as heartburn, flatulence, bloating.

Some more useful tips:

  • Meal divided into 5-6 meals a day.
  • When eating, avoid haste. Chew slowly and carefully.
  • Do not get distracted by reading newspapers or watching TV while eating.
  • Do not engage in conversation with other people while eating.
  • With an attack of gastritis, it is advisable to stop eating at least 12 hours.

Healthy food for gastritis

A therapeutic diet is fundamental in the treatment of gastritis. A competent and balanced diet for gastritis is best done with the help of a gastroenterologist or nutritionist, contacting the Dobrobut medical clinic.  

Soft food of a sticky substance is recommended. It is this kind of food that does not destroy and does not irritate the intestinal wall. Among useful products can be identified such:

  • Baked apples and green, unripe bananas. They provide the body with energy and beneficial minerals. The soft texture is ideal for delicate stomachs. Moreover, bananas not only have protective, but also healing properties for ulcers.
  • Carrot. She is considered one of the best vegetables for the stomach. It is rich in carotenoids, helps to regenerate the membrane of the stomach. It is also useful in the form of carrot juice.
  • Pumpkin and zucchini. They moisturize and refresh the stomach, are rich in fiber and vitamins, and help in the treatment of gastritis.
  • Olive oil. It has vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids. It has anti-inflammatory and protective properties.
  • Before going to bed, it is recommended to use dairy laxatives (fresh kefir, yogurt).

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