Food at risk of increased background radiation

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The events in Fukushima that once again raised the topic of the Chernobyl disaster in the field of radiation exposure can indirectly or directly affect almost the entire territory of Russia and Ukraine. Assuming that artificial radioactivity, even if the ambient radiation background raises to a minimum level, it is worth taking certain safety measures. Among these measures, experts include proper, nutritious nutrition, which provides for some features. In an effort to find out everything about radiation, one can discover the specific effects of radionuclides, as the most dangerous particles, on the human body.

So, the absorption of radioactive radium and strontium competes with non-radioactive calcium. And with sufficient use of the latter – and calcium from milk, cheese and other products is absorbed faster than radioactive isotopes, harmful particles are excreted from the body much faster and better. Along with sufficient or even increased consumption of foods with calcium, attention should be paid to the overall nutritional value, the presence of iodine, potassium, vitamins and minerals.

At the same time, vitamins are traditionally recommended to be taken in natural form – in fruits, vegetables, berries. Check their quality when buying in a store or on the market using modern dosimeters radiometers. In a matter of seconds, electronic devices determine the level of radiation and allow you to make conclusions whether it is worth buying a specific product. At this price, set by the manufacturer on a household electronic dosimeter, it is quite affordable in comparison with the benefits that it can bring. This device will come in handy when choosing potatoes that contain potassium indispensable for radiation risk. This element competes in assimilation with another common radionuclide – cesium-137. Increased intake of potatoes, eggplant, tomatoes and other available potassium products can reduce the accumulation of radioactive cesium in the body.

When preparing the menu, it is necessary to regularly include products with iodine in it, which include iodized salt, sea kale, walnuts, sea fish, liver, garlic and others. In the case of a significant proven increase in radiation background, attention should be paid to taking iodine-containing preparations, vitamin complexes, and, if necessary, radioprotectors.

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