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One of the most fashionable modern directions for the treatment of various diseases is personalized medicine or a differentiated and individual approach. Most often manifested in the selection of a diet for a particular person. This is due to the fact that people are increasingly refusing a fixed schedule, working from home on the Internet, violating the postulates of classical physiology. The only way to maintain health in this lifestyle is to consume wholesome food that takes into account all the needs and characteristics of the human body.

How to organize a diet

Dietology believes that healthy food should not only cover the energy needs of the body, but also be a natural drug responsible for the prevention of diseases and support the emotional sphere, normal mood and well-being. This leads to the idea that three meals a day, a hearty breakfast and a light dinner are not for everyone. However, the general rule remains that a person should eat every 4 hours.

This means that the body must receive energy when it needs it. And the general rules of food consumption are designed for people who wake up relatively early, and are at work all day, who should consume 70% of calories before dinner. The remaining 30% can be consumed in the evening, but no later than 2 hours before bedtime. 

Healthy Breakfast Features

Whatever the current trends, no expert will prove the benefits of breakfast within an hour and a half after sleep. Very often you can hear excuses that in the morning there is no appetite or time, and most of these similar eating behaviors are laid in childhood. This makes it difficult to realize that such a routine is fundamentally wrong, and the lack of breakfast harms the body.

Studies have shown that skipping breakfast will result in an additional 500 calories per day. And this will eventually lead to the appearance of excess weight. Other data irrefutably prove that if you refuse to eat in the morning, the risk of a heart attack increases by 27%, while it runs much harder.

Menu compilation

Healthy people can leave for themselves a wide selection of dishes, with different taste combinations. It should combine proteins, long carbohydrates, fiber and unsaturated fats in any foods. For a full breakfast, not only classic oatmeal is recommended, but also yogurts with cottage cheese and fruits, vegetables with eggs. But short or simple carbohydrates contained in baked goods, sandwiches, sweets do not benefit the body. Granola and granola belong to the same category. All of these foods contain too much sugar, the release of insulin into the body and the accelerated onset of hunger.

Coffee in the morning is great

Despite stereotypes, natural coffee sutra is an ideal start to the day. It has an invigorating effect on the body, increases tone, improves cognitive abilities.

Recent studies have proven that this drink contains antioxidants, regulates body weight.

Nevertheless, care must be taken when consuming. The daily rate, depending on the strength of the drink should be 40-400 ml. They can not replace breakfast and abuse additives in the form of cream or sugar, they significantly reduce the beneficial properties of the drink.

Pay attention to the chair

Most people with low motor activity have bowel problems . This forces you to adjust your daily diet, excluding from it fatty, salty foods with low moisture and fiber. To normalize peristalsis, you need to limit:

  • fried fatty meat
  • all kinds of confectionery,
  • salted nuts
  • french fries
  • crisps.

Busting with citrus fruits, milk and dairy products, cabbage, legumes, spices and alcohol can lead to increased intestinal activity and increased stool. This means that your diet needs to be balanced taking into account the characteristics of your own body.

Lose weight carefully

Modern man is reverent about his own appearance, especially with regard to being overweight. But the natural feature of the body, developed over hundreds of thousands of years, is the support of homeostasis or internal stability. This means that with a sharp weight loss, all body reserves are sent to preserve adipose tissue, which concentrates on the liver. It is here that fat is the most negative impact, squeezing the surrounding organs, disrupting their work.

As a result, a losing weight person develops seagepatosis or hepatic fatty disease. Therefore, experts strongly recommend abandoning strict diets, simply developing proper nutrition skills that you need to adhere to throughout life. And you need to lose weight very carefully, no more than 10% of the current body weight per year.

Proper dietary treatment aimed at effective weight loss requires medical support. In this case, it is advisable to regularly undergo examination and consult with specialists. Often, to improve the condition of the liver, hepatoprotector ursosan and other similar drugs are prescribed.

Timely contact a specialist

When exposed to negative factors, the liver levels their effects on the human body for a long time. Therefore, a healthy person does not require additional protection with drugs. If the first negative symptoms appear, such as an increase in cholesterol or blood sugar, hypertension, accompanied by weight gain, you need to change your diet, but before that you need to see a doctor.

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