Scientists have identified the countries with the most healthy and wholesome diets

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Oxfam, an international organization dealing with poverty and health issues in different countries, commissioned a specific study. It was necessary to determine in which of the countries of the world the majority of the population eats proper and healthy food. According to its results, it was concluded that the inhabitants of the Netherlands eat the most, while many countries are located in unexpected places.

During the study and when compiling the rating of countries with proper nutrition, many factors were taken into account. First of all, these were diseases, the cause of which was malnutrition. This list in the first positions includes such common ailments as diabetes and obesity. In addition, experts took into account such moments as the number of starving children, the availability and quality of all types of food, and its diversity on the average table.

In the aggregate of all factors in the construction of the rating, after the Netherlands, citizens of Switzerland and France were in second place, and other European countries – Austria, Denmark, Belgium and Sweden – were in the third place. Australia joined the fourth position with Europeans from Italy, Ireland, Portugal and Luxembourg.

But the recognized economic world leader of the United States was already in 21 place, affected by the addiction of Americans to fast food and other not the most useful habits. It is even worse with the countries of the former USSR – Ukraine is on the 33rd line with Malta and Slovenia, and Russia in general is on the 44th place. The last line of the rating due to economic backwardness is Chad. Ethiopia and Angola are located not far from it.

There are very interesting positions in the ranking. For example, successful Saudi Arabia is in 71th place in the ranking. The reason is the first place in the world in the number of people with diabetes, which affects about 18% of the population. In addition, one in three suffers from overweight problems. But Kuwait became the champion in this category, where 42% of citizens suffer from obesity. And this, in general, prosperous country ranks 41st in the ranking.

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