How to deal with heartburn

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How to deal with heartburn? – This question arises for everyone who is faced with this unpleasant phenomenon. Heartburn is a burning sensation that forms behind the sternum in the upper abdomen. With heartburn, an acidic taste is felt in the oral cavity, which is due to the ingestion of gastric juice on the mucous membrane of the esophagus.

In order to know how to deal with heartburn, you should understand the reasons for its development.

How to deal with heartburn – reasons

– a hernia of the esophagus opening, that is, the displacement of the stomach through the opening in the diaphragm due to its defeat atrophic phenomena. In addition, the appearance of heartburn can be affected by pressure on the diaphragm during coughing;

– the development of the disease reflux esophagitis, which, as a rule, accompanies the development of hernias. With the development of this violation, part of undigested food penetrates the esophagus, causing burning and discomfort;

– An ulcer of the duodenum and stomach, resulting in increased acidity of the gastric microflora. In addition to everything else, with the development of gastric ulcers, damage to the walls of the intestine occurs, as a result of which the entire digestion process is inhibited, and the number of refluxes increases. With frequent stagnation of food in the stomach, heartburn also develops.

How to deal with heartburn – symptoms

The main symptoms of heartburn are soreness and a burning sensation. However, such manifestations must be distinguished from the symptoms of diseases of the cardiovascular system. Most often, symptoms of heartburn appear after eating and in a horizontal position.

Manifestations of heartburn are removed with antacids, that is, with means to neutralize hydrochloric acid. Even a healthy person has heartburn from time to time. So, for example, heartburn can develop when eating acidic fruits, after very spicy or spicy foods, excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, or even brown bread.

If, with the development of heartburn, a hoarseness appears in the voice, difficulties with swallowing food, weight loss, then such manifestations can indicate a severe development of the disease.

Very often, heartburn develops in pregnant women. In this situation, heartburn can develop against the background of toxicosis, since in its process the mucous membranes of the digestive organs become inflamed. Heartburn in late pregnancy is due to the fact that an enlarged uterus puts pressure on the stomach.

How to deal with heartburn – drug therapy

With severe heartburn, it is necessary to take certain drugs that will help quickly relieve symptoms of the disease. The most common drugs include enveloping agents that neutralize the activity of hydrochloric acid, lowering the acidity of gastric juice.

In addition, tablets also help to relieve symptoms of heartburn. Meanwhile, it is worth knowing that it is necessary to take such drugs only in consultation with the doctor, since if used improperly, the acidity of the stomach can, on the contrary, increase, making you feel worse.

Previously, a teaspoon of soda was taken to relieve symptoms of heartburn, but such a remedy, although it eliminates heartburn, but threatens to disturb the water-salt balance.

How to deal with heartburn – home treatment

To eliminate heartburn, proper nutrition helps. The principle of nutrition is fractional, that is, in small portions of up to five or six meals a day. The following should be excluded from the diet for heartburn – the first broths, spices, spices and fried foods, legumes, brown bread and cabbage, as this food provokes bloating.

How to deal with heartburn – mode:

– during sleep, the head should be elevated;

– Do not eat food before going to bed.

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