How to stay slim in winter? Proper nutrition in the winter

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More recently, the summer heat did not give us rest . And now we, not having time to look back, meet a cold winter. She always comes unexpectedly. No, according to the calendar – on time, December 1. It is a surprise for us. 

The hours when the sun was still shining for a long time in the sky gave way to an impenetrable darkness. And, sometimes, one wants so much, having got home after a working day, to hide from these weather troubles under a warm blanket, comfortably placing a tray with your favorite pizza and fragrant coffee nearby. And so, to sit in his cozy nest until the very spring … But, will not it become a surprise for us in the spring , a flabby, shapeless body that does not at all look like the one smiling at us in the photo framed on the dresser?  

Here is the time to say: ” Hello, depression !”
No, better to rewind all back , returning to the cold autumn evening … 

Indeed, with the onset of cold weather, our body requires additional calories. We stop moving a lot, and we spend almost all of our energy reserves on heating ourselves. And in the end, constantly looking for something tasty.  

All of us, without exception, at least once in their lives ” sitting ” on a diet, so are well aware that in the winter on low-calorie diets imposed an unspoken taboo. And you need to follow the figure. Therefore, simply review your “winter” gastronomic habits.

First, avoid starchy foods in your diet , namely, eat less often your favorite potatoes, cereals, and, of course, pastries. They have a minimum of useful substances, but they are very quickly and to the maximum deposited on our sides. The high-grade flour we love in baking , unfortunately, also contains almost one starch. But coarse flour – will be of great benefit to our body. 

Use foods that are high in salt and sugar with caution . They are very well camouflaged in canned food, smoked meats and cheeses. And for our figure – it’s just a bomb. It is the combination of salty, fatty and sugary foods that are so often offered to us in fast foods that cause many even psychological dependence. People who are accustomed to hamburgers are very difficult to accustom to a healthy diet. Accustomed to dine in fast food, it is unlikely that anyone will give up a tasty hamburger and agree to have a low-calorie salad snack. 

For the body to work properly, we need both proteins and carbohydrates. You can not replace one with another, because instead of benefit, you can do yourself great harm. Protein foods , along with foods containing complex carbohydrates, such as cereals, vegetables, should come first. They tend to give a lot of energy. In addition to all this, meat, dairy and vegetable dishes in the winter menu are simply necessary for the normal functioning of all organs of the human body. Vitamin group – is responsible for the presence of good immunity, and also helps us deal with winter apathy and “harmful” seasonal depression. 

We must not forget about fats . Fats help our muscles to be in good shape. They care about the constant maintenance of heat, so even in severe frosts we do not freeze. When ingested, fats are digested and absorbed very slowly. Therefore, when reviewing your winter diet, be sure to choose the “right” fats. This, of course, is not smoked meats of different types and varieties, or seasoned cheeses. Prefer fermented milk products with normal fat content. Eat fatty sea fish – these fats, believe me, will only benefit your body, as well as nuts and unrefined oil. 

Do not forget that your breakfasts , lunches, dinners, and even snacks should be at the same time. At the same time, your body will learn how to distribute waste of energy and will not accumulate too much “just in case”, namely in the case when you miss a meal. Drinking regimen is also very important . By consuming 1.5-2 liters of pure water daily, you will normalize your stool and water metabolism to ensure your health for many years. 

And another way to not gain extra pounds in the winter is fractional nutrition. Often for many of us it is quite the opposite – the lack of breakfast, and sometimes lunch, is then compensated by a plentiful dinner, and sometimes several visits to the table. As a result, extra pounds appear in a matter of days.  

Everything, of course, should be different. Indulge in the pleasure of a hearty breakfast in the morning. At will, it can be porridge with fruit. Your lunch should consist of a hot dish and a vegetable side dish . Of course, a light soup is required.  

But do not expect dinner to fill with something heavy . Better use steamed vegetables or dairy products. An hour before bedtime, if you feel a slight hunger, drink a glass of warm milk, or kefir. 

Throughout the day, you can make small snacks , using fruits, low-fat yoghurts for this, or, in extreme cases, with severe hunger, you can chew 1-2 whole-grain dietary loaves. Well and, of course, do not forget about clean still water. 

Remember that chips and buns are not good for snacks . You must supply your body with useful products that will benefit you and do no harm. This does not mean that you need to starve. Just review your daily diet, add seasonal fruits and vegetables to it and be healthy.    

So, to stay always slim , especially in the winter: 1. Avoid refined foods. 2. Replace bread and pastries with wholemeal products. 3. Limit the use of smoked meats, cheeses, and, of course, canned foods to a minimum. 4. The size of the vegetable side dish should not be smaller than the size of the main dish. 5. Refuse fried (if possible). 6. Include meat and dairy products in your menu. 7. Do not forget about vegetables, fruits, nuts, cereals – they provide “safe” energy for your body. 8. Always remember to use clean water. 

If you follow at least a little the advice given by the advice of our authors team of the MedUniver site, good health is ensured for you, which means that extra pounds will never threaten you.

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