Proper nutrition. The most useful products for the health of Russians

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According to a survey of nutritionists, journalists around the world do not stop publishing a list of ten groups of foods that their interlocutors considered the most healthy. According to British experts, this list of ten products consists of the following components: tomatoes, kiwi, oatmeal, olive oil, avacodo, garlic, black grapes, orange, broccoli and watercress. But the editors of the New York newspaper Newsday decided to publish their list of dozens of useful products in the media.  

In their opinion, these are : blueberries and blueberries, green leafy vegetables, nuts, oily fish, avacodo, cereal products, soy and legumes, non-fat milk and fermented milk products, eggs, dark chocolate. According to German experts, which was published in 2010 in the magazine Focus, the list of the most healthy foods is as follows: apples, fish, garlic, strawberries, carrots, peppers, soybeans, bananas, green tea and dairy products. 

As you can see, the opinions of American , German and British experts do not differ very much, not one list contains potatoes, meat, bakery products and sweet cakes so beloved by many Russians. Nutritionists around the world prefer vegetables, fruits, fish and dairy products. 

Agreeing with the opinion of foreign nutritionists , it is not difficult to choose ten useful products from their list that are available to us at a price, by availability in trade and characteristic of the area where you live. Here is what the list of 10 useful products for Russians should look like: 

1. Oatmeal . Oatmeal contains a huge amount of vitamin E, fiber and protein, which help fight aging and stimulate the gastrointestinal system. 

2. Apples . An apple, due to its fiber and pectin content, lowers blood cholesterol. Eating two apples a day lowers cholesterol by 15%. Pectin is able to bind harmful substances that enter our body and excrete them. 

3. The fish . American experts recommend eating at least two fish dishes per week and at the same time give preference to fatty varieties of fish, which have more omega-3 fatty acids. Eating oily fish lowers triglycerides, a dangerous fat in the blood, and also helps relieve depression. People who regularly consume fish are less likely to suffer from cardiovascular and nervous system diseases. 

4. The eggs . Eggs must be eaten at least five per week. The eggs contain about 100 nutrients, they are able to cleanse the body, remove cholesterol and break down fat. Eggs are recommended for food in diseases of the gastrointestinal system, disorders of the nervous system, pancreatitis and to prevent the formation of cancer cells. 

5. Milk and dairy products . Milk, kefir, cottage cheese, yoghurts contain a lot of calcium and phosphorus, which help strengthen bones and muscles. They have a beneficial effect on the digestive system, improve metabolism and stimulate the secretion of gastric juice. 

6. Products from wholemeal flour . How can Russians live without bread, but only white bread made from premium flour will not bring health benefits. It is necessary to eat products from wholemeal flour, that is, bread with bran. Such products are especially relevant for diabetes, problems with the intestines and the immune system. Coarse flour products prevent aging and inflammation of the skin, they are especially useful for people involved in sports and leading a healthy lifestyle. 

7. Onions and garlic . Onions and garlic are not only a real storehouse of vitamins, minerals, minerals and healthy essential oils, but they also have a positive effect on the body in a variety of diseases. Essential oils and fintocides contained in onions and garlic destroy germs and cleanse the body of toxins. 

8. Legumes . Soy, beans, beans and peas contain a large amount of valuable proteins and crude fiber, the use of which is useful for diabetes, atherosclerosis, obesity, diseases of the digestive and immune system. 

9. Carrots . Carrots are rich in vitamin A, which favorably affects the condition of the visual apparatus and skin. Favorite vegetable since childhood also prevents the formation of cancer cells. 

10. Green tea . Today everyone knows about the miraculous properties of green tea. Catechin, contained in green tea, inhibits the development of atherosclerosis and prevents the risk of developing prostate cancer. Green tea is also useful for weight loss, only for an effective result you need to drink at least four cups a day. 

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