Lemon benefits and harm to human health

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Lemon can be found in every housewife’s refrigerator. It is also called the “apple of immortality” because of its great benefits for the human body. Most often, lemon is used to cure a cold, but it will also help in the presence of other diseases and cosmetic problems.

Calories per 100 g, (kcal):sixteen
Protein in 100 g, (g):0.9
Fats in 100 g, (g):0.1
Carbohydrates in 100 g, (g):3.0
Glycemic index:20

The composition and calorie content of lemon, vitamins and minerals

The benefits of lemon are really invaluable to humans, thanks to the unique composition. Only vitamin C in 100 g of fruit is from 40 to 70 mg. Citrus zest contains even more, as much as 129 mg. And this vitamin prevents the penetration of viruses into the body.

A high content of vitamins PP, P, A, D and B1, B2 in the fruit. There are many flavonoids in the composition of the fruit. At the same time, the calorie content of the product is at a low level – 20 kcal.

What is useful lemon

The benefits of lemon have been known since ancient times. Avicenna recommended lemon to his patients. In addition to colds, citrus can reduce blood pressure, cope with stomach problems and strengthen the gums. It helps well to cope with dermatological problems and is even used to treat AIDS. For these purposes, it is mixed with garlic and consumed on a regular basis.

The benefits of lemon for women

The fruit is a natural antioxidant and perfectly cleanses the skin, which is invaluable for the female body. Women with white hair can use it to saturate the color and get shiny curls.

Lemon tones the nervous system and removes toxins. It allows you to eliminate pain in any part of the body, strengthens the immune system and generally has a beneficial effect on the whole body.

The benefits of lemon for men

For men, lemon will help prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases and stabilize blood pressure. Citrus prevents the development of oncology and has a positive effect on sexual health. The fruits are used in the treatment of prostate adenoma and help increase the amount of testosterone.

Lemon during pregnancy and breastfeeding

There are no restrictions on the use of lemon during the period of bearing a baby. In the first trimester, it will help to cope with the symptoms of toxicosis. It will allow you to reduce the amount of medicines if a cold occurs. At a later date, lemon helps to normalize intestinal motility, eliminate swelling and normalize acidity.

During breastfeeding, lemon can be introduced into the diet only 1 month after childbirth.

Is it possible for children to have lemon

Before the onset of 6 months from birth, lemon is not introduced into the child’s diet. It is dangerous for the baby’s fragile stomach, and there is a high risk of a rash. It is best to introduce even later, when the child is 10 months old, carefully monitoring his condition. Start with water, with the addition of lemon juice, gradually introducing small slices of citrus into the diet.

Lemon is especially carefully introduced into the diet if the baby has a tendency to allergies. By the age of 2, a child can be given a small amount of lemon with sugar.

Is lemon good for weight loss

It is best to use dried lemon slices in the process of losing weight. They stimulate the fat burning process faster. You can use water with the addition of lemon juice.

lemon for diabetes

In the presence of sugar disease, everything must be in moderation, this also applies to lemon. Although citrus has a very low GI. It will strengthen immune forces, lower glucose levels and remove cholesterol. When an increased amount of lemon enters the body of a diabetic, it can cause stomach problems, resulting in heartburn and discomfort.

How to Take Lemon for Medicinal Purposes

Use lemon as a hangover cure. To do this, they eat about 15 g of grated lemon on an empty stomach, after 2 hours nausea will disappear and the general condition of a person will improve.

With the help of lemon, internal bleeding can be stopped, for this, 20 g of fruit are consumed daily. The same method helps to cope with diseases of the heart and vascular system. To improve the elasticity of blood vessels, lemon is recommended to be mixed with turmeric.

Lemon is widely used in the treatment of angina. To do this, soak the lemon in water and rinse the throat with the resulting mixture. To enhance the anti-inflammatory properties of citrus, it is mixed with horseradish, in a ratio of 2: 1.

The use of lemon in cosmetology

To get rid of acne and freckles, you just need to wipe your face with lemon juice daily. This recipe is suitable for eliminating abrasions and other skin defects.

Citrus juice can be added to shampoo. The mixture will help accelerate hair growth and have a beneficial effect on hair follicles.

Baths for nails with the addition of lemon juice will help strengthen their structure and give nails a natural shine.

Lemon harm and contraindications

Do not use lemon for pancreatitis, kidney disease, and stomach ulcers. During a cold, when the peak comes, you should not use lemon products, as they will irritate the mucous membrane and only increase pain.

It is better to refuse to use lemon with strong emotional arousal.

Water with lemon on an empty stomach

Indeed, water with the addition of lemon juice is very useful for humans. In this composition, a huge amount of ascorbic acid, which enhances immunity. Water helps lower glucose levels and eliminates the feeling of thirst in the heat.

This is a real energy drink that tones the body. Water with lemon will help to cope with heart disease, as it contains a huge amount of vitamin P, which is an effective remedy for the development of thrombosis.

lemon for gastritis

Alas, in the presence of gastritis, lemon is contraindicated for use. It enhances pain, additionally irritates the gastric mucosa. It is especially dangerous during an exacerbation, regardless of the level of acidity in this disease. It can cause nausea and heartburn.

However, the use of lemon as an additional component to fish and other dishes is not prohibited, but its fresh use is unacceptable.

Lemon raises or lowers blood pressure

Lemon increases blood pressure, so it can be used for hypotension. Although citrus does not act immediately.

Is it possible to eat lemon on an empty stomach

It is not recommended to use pure lemon on an empty stomach. In this case, water with the addition of lemon juice is ideal. It will improve metabolic processes and give the body strength and energy.

How to choose and store lemons

The ideal fruit is a fruit about 5 cm in diameter. The color of the peel should be uniform and bright yellow. Too hard fruits indicate that they are unripe.

Refuse to buy if the lemon is damaged or there are dark spots on the peel. It is most likely that the fruits were treated with chemicals to extend the shelf life.

Once purchased or picked, lemons can be refrigerated for up to 3 months, depending on the degree of ripeness. It is best to pre-sort them according to the degree of maturity. Green fruits are stored until they acquire a uniform, yellow color.

Lemons can be stored if they are rubbed with sugar. In this form, they will last much longer.

Despite the enormous benefits of lemon for the human body, you should not consider these fruits as a panacea for all diseases. Its use should be treated with great care. Listen to your body and don’t get too carried away with this tropical fruit.

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