Principles of Separate Nutrition

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In the modern world there are a lot of different diets,
and the well-known principles of separate nutrition have not been ignored by everyone. Now,
many people are trying to switch to a healthy lifestyle. Sports,
proper nutrition are now in fashion. Against this background, the principles of separate
nutrition will be very useful to many. Moreover, the fact that every
person can upgrade this diet for themselves, according to their taste preferences and habits , is very convenient

The principles of separate nutrition begin with the selection of
food for breakfast. Food should consist predominantly of raw products on an
alkaline basis. The most useful will be a breakfast of a large number of
fruits or fruit salad. If you want to lose weight, then
you can limit yourself to just that. Otherwise, you can add sandwiches made from bread with bran and butter , cream or cottage cheese with herbs to the fruit . You should try to ensure that there is a half-hour break between fruits and other forms of breakfast. 

During lunch, you should focus on
protein-rich foods. Since proteins are much slower to digest, a
feeling of satiety will persist for a long time. Dinner should be made from carbohydrates.
Unsweetened fruits and protein are best avoided.

If such principles of separate nutrition are difficult to implement
and separate consumption of carbohydrates and proteins is impossible, then you can adhere to the
following rules. We must try, at least, to eat protein and carbohydrates together as little as possible . During the day, more attention should be paid to vegetables, salads and fruits. And also, you should try to transfer protein for lunch, and carbohydrates for dinner. 

Proteins of animal origin,
i.e. meat and meat products, should not be abused . It is better to give preference to fish, poultry and
soy products. Legumes, shoots, nuts also contain a large amount of
protein. Carbohydrate food should be full and unrefined, for example,
bran bread. Carbohydrates in the form of sugar are better to limit, you can replace it with honey
or dried fruits.

It is not necessary to immediately and irrevocably change your lifestyle
and strictly observe the principles of separate nutrition. These are general guidelines.
A person may first devote one day a week to such a diet. Then, after
the body gets used to it, a person will pay attention to how his
health improves on this day. The body will demand an increase in such days and
over time it will be possible to switch completely to separate nutrition.

Also common advice is the well-known truth. Eat
should be slow, without rushing. Chew every piece of food carefully.
This is especially true for carbohydrate-rich foods such as bread.
The more thoroughly a person exposes food to mechanical digestion, that is, chewing,
the faster the feeling of fullness comes, the less the stomach is overloaded.

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