Preparing the body for summer

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With the advent of spring, many inhabitants of the metropolis are asking the eternal question of how to quickly put the figure in order … 

To achieve ideal forms, it is necessary to regularly combine physical activity, proper nutrition and cosmetic care, but effective programs have also been developed that will quickly restore youth and elasticity to your body.  

Complex cares Jean Klebert by Baldan (Italy) – these beauty rituals combining skin hydration, drainage, cellulite fight, toning and lifting.  

The first stage of care – restoration of water balance

To preserve the health and beauty of your body, the program combines excellent products, advanced technology, sensual textures and stunning aromas. Line the Sesto the Senso – a unique moisturizing treatment, which is a key factor is the high concentration of plant extracts and oils.    

2-3 treatments are recommended for optimal results. 

The second stage – drainage and the fight against cellulite

The main goal of the anti-cellulite program is to improve microcirculation in tissues, silhouette correction, detoxification and weight loss. Thalasso line – bandage or mud wraps based on atomized sea water and healing brown algae.    

The optimal effect is achieved by 5-8 procedures.

The final stage – toning and lifting

The valuable properties of grapes, phytoextracts, thermal water in the Enothermae line have tremendous lifting and relaxing effects due to the presence of active antioxidant substances that saturate the skin with oxygen, necessary for the production of elastin, collagen.  

The results are amazing!

The blood circulation is restored, the metabolic processes of the skin are strengthened, the skin is well hydrated and velvety. Anti-cellulite massage speeds up the process of getting rid of cellulite . Due to the stimulating effect on the whole body, tissue tone increases , microcirculation improves.    

You look excellent – the body is elastic, toned, the skin is soft and silky, the mood is excellent! 

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