Proper nutrition for cramps

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Convulsions are called prolonged, painful and involuntary muscle contraction. Any muscle can be affected, but cramps usually occur in the calf muscles and feet. The best way to eliminate them is massage and traction, but the most effective way to prevent seizures is considered to be proper, balanced nutrition.

When seizures occur during or immediately after exercise, this is probably the result of a gradual accumulation of lactic acid due to muscle activity. If physical activity was very intense and the weather was hot and humid, dehydration caused by excessive perspiration could be the cause of seizures. Isotonic (having the same salt concentration as blood) drinks will help restore loss of fluid and salts in the shortest possible time.

To prevent dehydration, drink plenty of water before, during and after exercise – about 1 liter every hour of class. Salt tablets are only needed in the tropics. Vitamin B2, found in fortified breakfast cereals, yogurt, and lean meats, can be helpful in preventing cramps in athletes, pregnant women, and people with diabetes.

Leg cramps can be a sign of the lack of calcium needed to contract muscles. Calcium-containing foods include dairy dishes, sesame seeds, and sardines, which must be eaten with bones. Magnesium is also useful, whose sources are also nuts and seeds. Pain in the calves experienced during intense walking can be caused by narrowing of the arteries.

Eating foods rich in vitamin E will help improve blood circulation, thus reducing the risk of night cramps. Vitamin B12, found in foods such as fish, eggs, cheese and pork, will help in old age.

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