Smoothie Bowl: A New Trend in Nutrition

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Many popular nutritionists and fitness bloggers are actively discussing and promoting a relatively new trend in the area of ​​nutrition, such as the Smoothie Bowl. What is its difference from traditional smoothies? What is its benefit to the body?

Smoothie Bowl: New Nutrition Products

Judging by the name of the dish, Smoothie Bowl (literally “Plate / Bowl of Smoothies”), fans of proper nutrition just replaced the glass that was used to the smoothie for a plate. However, there are still differences, and they are quite substantial.

Smoothie Bowl contains more ingredients and is more nutritious. After all, usually pieces of fresh vegetables and fruits, seeds, cereals, dried fruits and crushed nuts are added to it, which makes the dish a great help for organizing a healthy diet. Another difference of this dish is that it must be eaten with a spoon. Drinking it like a cocktail will not work.

Nutrition experts say that the Smoothie Bowl is not only healthy and nutritious, but also light for the digestive system. However, although smoothies make up three-quarters of the meal, it’s quite easy to exceed the calorie limit if you add too much topping.

Various additives are not only an aesthetic component that gives a wide field for experiments, but also a way to extend the intake of food by chewing more solid food. For proper combination of components, you can use the universal scheme, which will greatly facilitate proper nutrition:

  • smoothies are usually based on any fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as leafy greens;
  • as a liquid base, use any vegetable (or cow) milk, as well as dairy products or fruit juices;
  • to sweeten the dish, you can take a small amount of honey or fruit syrup;
  • topping is selected based on personal taste preferences – it can be pieces of fruit, cereal, seeds, nuts and much more.

Smoothie Bowl can be not only a snack that facilitates a healthy diet, but also an independent meal. Most often, this dish is prepared for breakfast, because it saturates the body well, does not overload the digestive system and helps prevent excess weight (in the long run). 

Smoothie Bowl Slimming Nutrition Role

Nutritionists argue that one of the easiest ways to switch to proper nutrition is to gradually limit the calorie content of food. Refusing harmful junk food and reducing servings will help the Smoothie Bowl. The dish does not create heaviness in the stomach and allows you to saturate the body with an almost daily portion of vitamins and minerals. However, replacing a complete meal in this way, it should be remembered that each “smoothie plate” contains about 500 calories. Therefore, they are not suitable for snacks, especially for those who want to lose weight.

In order to properly include the Smoothie Bowl in a weight loss system , you need to remember some key points: 

  • eat Smoothie Bowl should be in no hurry, thoroughly chewing on solid ingredients, which will allow you to get maximum pleasure from food, experience a feeling of fullness and establish the digestive tract;
  • “Smoothie plate” can serve not only breakfast – various options, which are based on yogurt, berries or vegetables, can be an excellent substitute for lunch or dinner;
  • Smoothie Bowl can “dilute” the taste of not the most pleasant foods included in proper nutrition, for example, celery stalks, spinach, flax seeds.

The regular use of Smoothie Bowl, the composition of which meets the individual needs of a particular person, will help not only to adjust the diet, but will save you from a couple of extra pounds. Nutritionists recommend actively including a “smoothie plate” in the diet in winter, when nutrition is especially felt for lack of vitamins and other nutrients.

For beginners in the preparation of smoothies, we recommend using the following recommendations:

  • to obtain a soft and delicate structure, it is necessary to cut the peel from fruits and vegetables (it is necessary to cut from citrus fruits);
  • the most successful combination of products for the preparation of Smoothie Bowl are fruits with dense pulp, which are combined with more juicy;
  • to prepare a thick, cold and refreshing dish instead of regular ice, you can use fruit or frozen pieces of fruit;
  • to obtain a richer and more interesting taste, it is necessary to combine sweet and sour fruits;
  • it is permissible to alternate natural yogurt with other dairy products of low fat content;
  • Smoothie Bowl is recommended to be used only freshly prepared (however, if desired, blanks for it can be stored in the refrigerator for several days).

Smoothie Bowl fits perfectly into a healthy diet due in large part to the way it is cooked. After all, with the help of the grinding procedure, all fiber and other nutrients are preserved in the dish. In addition, it is not subjected to heat treatment, and the temporary exclusion of animal food gives rest to the pancreas.

Healthy Smoothie Bowl Recipes

Incorporating a Smoothie Bowl into your daily diet is pretty simple. You just need to select several components for a liquid base, add a couple of crunchy superfoods (to increase nutritional value) and sliced ​​favorite fruits on top. According to this universal formula, you can come up with many options “smoothie in a plate.” Examples of the simplest and easiest recipes can be considered as follows:  

Berry Smoothie Bowl

Grind in a blender 1 cup of any fresh or frozen berries (blueberries, raspberries, currants), 1 banana and half an apple. Banana slices, flax seeds and chopped nuts can be used as topping.

Nutritious Smoothie Bowl

Grind avocado, pear, a small bunch of fresh mint and a quarter cup of coconut milk in a blender to a homogeneous consistency. Put slices of pear, crushed hazelnuts, poppy seeds (or any seeds) on top.

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