The best time to exercise

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For many, a morning jog is like a strong cup of coffee – it gives a boost of vivacity for the whole day. This is confirmed not only by time, people, but also by scientific research. Exercising in the morning makes your body 100% awake and ready for productive work throughout the day. But what about active workouts, which cannot be attributed to morning exercises? What time of day can you get the most out of a strenuous workout?

Many, of course, do not have to choose: work, family – it’s good that they manage to carve out a few hours for a fitness club. But if you have the opportunity to choose a training time, train in the afternoon (15.00 – 20.00). According to research by American scientists ( Dr .
Phyllis Zee of Northwestern University then , neurologist), this part of the day is best suited for physical activity. At this time, most people are most alert and efficient, and muscle strength is at its maximum. Observations over a period of six months for 98 visitors of one of the gyms showed that, on average, the increase in strength, endurance and muscle mass was greater in those who exercised in the afternoon.

However, do not forget that each person is different. Listen to your body. There are exceptions to every rule. Perhaps you are one of them, and morning training is best for you.

It should also be remembered
that there are many other equally important components of a successful training. The most important of them are:
regular exercise
good and proper nutrition,
desire and belief in success.

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