The consequences of liposuction

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Plastic surgery is developing every day, introducing more and more new technologies, offering more and more new services to its patients. Liposuction – the procedure in the framework of plastic surgery is not new. Previously, liposuction was supposed to eliminate small defects in the body, but now the area of ​​problems that liposuction can solve is very vast. Unfortunately, many patients often go for this procedure, although it could have been avoided. In this regard, it is necessary to talk about what the consequences of liposuction can take place after the procedure. 

In fairness, it should be noted that the effects of liposuction almost always happen. The only difference is the intensity of the manifestations. Among the most common consequences of liposuction, wound infection, the formation of blood clots or fat clots, a pathological change in the structure and shade of the skin in the area of ​​intervention should be highlighted. Another frequent consequence of liposuction is the accumulation of fluid in the subcutaneous layer, which is an indication for additional surgery.

Oddly enough, but most often patients are concerned about the consequence of liposuction, as the formation of scars and scars. In reality, such a phenomenon is observed quite rarely – with improper postoperative care or with complex surgery.

Serious and severe consequences of liposuction are extremely rare, but still happen. Possible damage to organs and tissues, congestion, swelling, an overdose of anesthesia and supporting postoperative drugs. Damage to organs and tissues, as a rule, falls under the responsibility of the doctor conducting the operation. This consequence of liposuction can be eliminated only by an additional operation. If the amount of fat removed is large, the organs may shift down. It happens that small particles of fat penetrate the lungs, in this case, edema occurs. A serious consequence of liposuction is an overdose of drugs for anesthesia and the accumulation of fluid in the tissues, which can lead to death.  

All patients who decide to undergo liposuction need to be confident in the qualifications and professionalism of their doctor. Before the operation, in order to avoid the development of the consequences of liposuction, it is necessary to carefully familiarize yourself with all the information about the clinic – all kinds of licenses, certificates and other documentation. The best option is to opt for a doctor who specializes in the type of surgery that a specific person needs.

The consequences of liposuction can manifest themselves in the form of an increase or, conversely, a decrease in the sensitivity of the skin in the area of ​​the operation. An aesthetically dangerous consequence of liposuction is a change in the structure of the skin in the intervention area. Bumps and bumps can form on the skin, which can also be eliminated only with the help of an additional operation. 

The most unpleasant consequence of liposuction is gaining weight again. Most likely, fat deposits on the operated area will not accumulate. But in other areas, they may appear. For this reason, patients who undergo liposuction should carefully monitor their diet and lifestyle. 

It is worth noting that far from all the consequences of liposuction occur due to the low qualification of the surgeon, due to non-compliance with the rules of asepsis and antiseptics. Many consequences can occur through the fault of the patient himself if he disobeys the recommendations given by the doctor. For this reason, experts are strongly advised to comply with all medical prescriptions after surgery.

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