The habit of gluttony is formed in the womb

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It turns out that in the constant overeating of a person and the desire to absorb more sweet and fatty foods, the wrong nutrition of his mother during gestation can be to blame. Such information is reported by the German edition Frankfurter Rundschau, referring to the publication in the Faseb Journal. The reports are based on the results of a study by Australian scientists.

A team of medical scientists from the University of Adelaide led by Mr. Beverly Mühlhausler has proven that the so-called junk food (excessive consumption of sugary and fatty foods) during a woman’s pregnancy has a negative effect on the brain of an unborn child. This type of food encourages the body to produce opioids. And those, in turn, stimulate the production of the hormone dopamine, which causes a state of satiety and pleasure. A woman who eats in this way raises the threshold of the child’s brain sensitivity to this hormone and forms in the newborn’s body a habit of constant exposure to it.

The results of the study were obtained in laboratory rodents. However, the authors boldly state that these results can be confidently transferred to humans. As the head of the study himself says, all circumstances, scientific theory and experimental conditions indicate this. So children born after such a pregnancy will sooner or later have to eat a lot of fatty and sweet foods in order to feel inner comfort and a normal mental state.

However, this information should not be taken too trustingly.

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