Tomatoes in proper nutrition

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Tomatoes are a crop that can be safely attributed to proper nutrition products. This vegetable is included in a huge number of a wide variety of dishes. It is used not only in its raw form, but also lends itself perfectly to various types of heat treatment, preservation, and is also part of many sauces. What is the benefit of this vegetable for human health, and in what form is it preferable to use?

The role of tomatoes in proper nutrition

Tomatoes fit perfectly into proper nutrition, not only because of their versatility (they can be stewed, baked or consumed raw), but also a large number of useful substances in the composition. They contain vitamins A, C and group B, as well as many minerals (potassium, manganese, copper, magnesium, phosphorus).  

Excellent taste and low calorie content of tomatoes (20 calories) makes them an indispensable component of a healthy diet. Also proved the benefits of this vegetable for the following organs and systems:

  • musculoskeletal system (lycopene helps strengthen bones, and potassium increases muscle strength);
  • cardiovascular system (folic acid and lycopene normalize blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease); 
  • nervous system (regular inclusion of this vegetable in food reduces the intensity of chronic neurological diseases);
  • organs of vision (beta-carotene protects the eyes from ultraviolet radiation, and supports visual acuity);
  • respiratory system (substances that make up the vegetable normalize lung function, impaired by prolonged smoking or age-related changes);
  • intestines (plant fiber normalizes intestinal motility);
  • male reproductive system (regular eating of tomatoes reduces the risk of enlarged prostate gland);
  • immune system (a large number of vitamins favorably affects the body’s defenses).

Include tomatoes in proper nutrition and to improve the condition of the skin and hair. The high content of vitamin C contributes to the development of its own collagen, which is responsible for skin tone and good condition of hair and nails. In addition, a large amount of beta-carotene can reduce the risk of skin cancer. Due to the high content of folic acid, tomatoes are recommended for use by women during pregnancy.

Contraindications for the use of this vegetable in food include individual intolerance and taking potassium-containing drugs.

Slimming Tomatoes

People who prefer proper nutrition have long used tomatoes as an important component of a weight loss menu. It is proved that the correct use of this product contributes to the establishment of metabolic processes in the body.

A healthy diet, in which this vegetable is regularly included, allows you to maintain a normal body weight due to the intake of important nutrients in the body.

The high content of an almost complete set of vitamins and many minerals contributes to the production of a charge of vitality and the strengthening of the body’s defenses. The presence of vitamins C and E allows you to tighten the skin after a sharp weight loss and improve their elasticity.  

Fruit acids allow the body to slow down the early aging of the body and normalize the digestive tract. Such changes help facilitate the process of getting rid of extra pounds.

Tomatoes also have a mild laxative effect, which allows them to be used in the diet of people suffering from constipation. It should be noted that such stool disorders are not uncommon among adherents of strict diets.

The presence of phytoncides in these vegetables helps to maintain the normal functioning of the nervous system and improve mood, which is an important aspect that helps to prevent “food breakdowns” during weight loss.

Proper nutrition involves the use of all available varieties of tomatoes. However, in the diet of losing weight people, it is recommended to include more acidic varieties that contain less natural sugars.

Today, there are many different diets, involving the use of only tomatoes and several neutral foods (kefir, boiled rice, etc.). However, nutrition experts warn that such a meager diet not only slows down the process of getting rid of extra pounds, but also guarantees serious health problems.

It is more useful to maintain fasting weight in the diet during which you can eat about a kilogram of unsweetened tomatoes, but only in the absence of contraindications.

It should also be remembered that the abuse of tomatoes can cause gastritis, impaired kidney function and heartburn.

Healthy Food: Tomato Recipes

Tomatoes go well with other products and can decorate most dishes. That is why people who prefer a healthy diet often add them to snacks and light vegetable salads. Among the most universal recipes that can reveal all the shades of the taste of this vegetable, the following can be noted. 


This cold, refreshing soup is a definite hit of the summer. It perfectly satisfies hunger and energizes for a long time with a minimum of calories. There are many variations of gazpacho. To prepare the soup closest to the original, it is necessary to wash and, scalding with boiling water, peel the tomato from 1 kg. Separately, wash, peel and chop coarsely 1 cucumber (without peel), 2 sweet peppers (different colors), 0.5 red onion and a couple of cloves of garlic. Grind all vegetables in a blender bowl. Add small slices of 1 slice of white (rye) bread to it. Grind again and let it brew for 5-8 minutes. Add 1-2 tbsp. l wine vinegar, lemon juice, olive oil, as well as a couple of drops of chili sauce, 0.5 tsp. sugar, salt. Beat again and put in the refrigerator for several hours. Serve chilled. In each plate, put greens to taste and dried croutons.

Sun-dried tomatoes

Homemade dried tomatoes are not only an independent delicacy, but also an ingredient in many original and healthy dishes. You can cook vegetables this way yourself. Strict adherence to the recipe and the choice of delicious and ripe fruits guarantee an excellent result. To prepare this dish, you need to wash, dry and cut into slices of 0.5 kg of medium-sized tomatoes. Put them on a baking sheet covered with parchment, peeled down. Preheat the oven to 120 ℃. Sprinkle the fruit with salt, ground pepper, sugar (1 tbsp.), Finely chopped fresh (or dried) thyme, drizzle with olive oil. Keep in the oven for several hours. Cool, transfer to a clean, glass jar. Pour olive oil. Let it brew for several days. Such tomatoes can be added to various salads, stews, omelets, pastries, and also served as an independent snack.

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