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Parents should form taste habits in a child from early childhood. Many pediatricians, from birth, have warned parents who gave birth to a hero weighing more than 4 kg, that in the future the child may have problems with being overweight. The average weight of a newborn baby is considered normal 3200-3500 grams. Many mothers during pregnancy do not adhere to proper nutrition and lead a sedentary lifestyle, which leads to the birth of a large fetus and complication of childbirth.  

From the very first days of life, proper nutrition of the child is of great importance for maintaining the normal weight of the child. It is very important for the mother not to wean the baby for as long as possible, since when breastfeeding the baby sucks as much milk as he needs, with such feeding he is not in danger of overfeeding. Overfeeding is often observed during artificial feeding of the child, when the parents try, by all means, to feed him the normal food. Therefore, children of artificial nutrition must be fed, observing the necessary hours between meals.  

With frequent and erratic feeding , with a constant violation of the child’s diet, conditions are created for overfeeding. Significantly increased intervals between feedings are also harmful, as a habit of overeating can develop when a hungry baby sucks out a large amount of milk and the volume of his stomach increases excessively. Therefore, mothers should not wean the baby themselves from the breast until the age of two. And if the child himself abandoned the breast, or for some other reason, further breastfeeding became impossible using infant formula, strictly follow the rules for their preparation, do not overdose them. Measure the mixture with special dosage spoons, not by eye. 

If the child significantly exceeded his peers in weight, it is necessary to start giving him complementary foods no earlier than 4-5 months. As a complementary food, it is necessary to give vegetable puree, but not potato. But the second and third complementary foods in the form of porridge should be given no more than 1 time per day. You need to cook porridge without sugar, it is useful to add pumpkin, carrots instead of sugar. Fruit juices and mashed potatoes are best prepared from unsweetened varieties of fruits and berries.  

Many parents , as soon as they begin to feed the baby, violating the established regime of baby food, offer him to eat something tasty. It’s so nice to watch a little child try something sweet with interest. Children under one and a half years old should not be given chips, meat and fish delicacies, jams, pickles, salads with mayonnaise and side dishes with hot spices. Also, they should not try sweets cakes, chocolate, sweets, marmalade, marshmallows, cookies, gingerbread cookies, as well as carbonated drinks and others. Excess sugar leads to obesity and a weakened immune system. 

The next cause of childhood obesity is forcible feeding of the baby – “a spoon for mom, a spoon for dad …”. If the child has already eaten enough, then you do not need to force him to eat everything that is considered the norm for him. The reason for his refusal to eat may be bad food or he does not like this product. Learn to respect the needs of the child.  

The child’s body itself regulates the necessary intake of food, forcing it to eat food, parents only violate the metabolic state in the child’s body, which leads to obesity. 

Often children under one year of age regularly refuse to eat. In such cases, parents should review the diet and diet. It is necessary to cook the products most beloved by the child and develop a stereotype of feeding when the child has his own place, his own favorite spoon, cup and plate. Sometimes it causes appetite if the child himself is involved in cooking. But to entertain the child with a “TV” while eating should not be. So he develops a wrong attitude to feeding, and often distracted, thus, the children eat more than required. Which subsequently can cause obesity. 

Excessive nutrition in early childhood leads to an increase in the number of fat cells, the formation of which occurs in the third trimester of pregnancy and in the first year of a child’s life. Under the influence of excess nutrition in the child’s body, fat cells are formed 4-5 times more than normal. Appearing once in the body, fat cells for many years can be in a state of expectation. A few years later, as soon as it becomes possible to store fat, the cell is actively involved in this process, which can cause human obesity in adulthood. 

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