Vegetables and fruits will help keep you young

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Aging of the body occurs individually. Someone by the age of 30 has a face full of wrinkles, while others at 50 can boast of elastic and smooth skin. Women are especially worried about this. The aging process has a direct link to genetic inheritance, like eye color or hair color. Stressful situations, bad habits, unhealthy diet provoke premature aging.

Scientists have proven that the action of lipid peroxidation products and free radicals has a detrimental effect on women’s health, namely on her skin, causing premature aging. These compounds are chemical, which causes the oxidation of the surrounding biomolecules. Reactive oxygen species (ROS) are the most dangerous for the body.

Antioxidant defense plays an important role, and a low level of it leads to an increase in inflammatory processes that cause diseases such as dermatitis, arthritis, cystitis, allergies and some others. The skin is the first to feel the adverse effects on itself and reflect its signs.

Vegetables and fruits are natural sources of antioxidants. Unfortunately, the latest developments in selective science are not aimed at preserving useful properties, but at improving the presentation of the product. Therefore, pesticides, nitrates, which are prooxidants, are present in them in large quantities.

Therefore, a modern woman living in the bustle of the city simply needs to regularly replenish her diet with additional nutritional supplements and, if possible, provide herself with high-quality vegetables and fruits.

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