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Improper nutrition has become an integral part of the life of a modern person . Today, many people do not think about what they eat and how this food can affect their health. Meanwhile, an unbalanced diet and lack of physical activity lead to the development of diseases such as heart attack, stroke, and hypertension. That is why nutritionists have compiled a list of healthy products, and it includes: 

1. Boiled eggs . Chicken eggs are a source of protein and lutein, so some people think that eating chicken eggs can increase blood cholesterol. Recent research by scientists has completely refuted these claims, moreover, it has been established that eggs prevent blood clots and reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack. Consuming eggs in an amount of 1-2 pieces per day does not increase cholesterol, as our body produces cholesterol from saturated fats, and not from foods rich in cholesterol, which include chicken eggs. According to studies, eating 6 eggs a week reduces the risk of developing breast cancer by 2 times. 

2. Brown rice . Many people avoid carbohydrates, unjustly believing that they get fat from them. Meanwhile, it was found that carbohydrates are very important for maintaining human energy. All whole grain products are good for your health. Therefore, bread with bran, cereal and brown rice should not be excluded from the diet. They help lower cholesterol, reduce the risk of heart disease, colon cancer, cholecystitis, diabetes and obesity. These foods are very beneficial for intestinal health, which starts to work worse with age. 

3. Milk . Natural cow’s milk, yogurts, kefir, cottage cheese and other dairy products of medium fat content are very good for health. It is very important to include calcium-rich foods in your diet. Calcium is needed for bones and the prevention of osteoporosis. To maintain healthy bones, you need to drink two glasses of milk daily or eat 100 grams of cottage cheese. 

4. Chicken meat . Skinless chicken is the healthiest meat. It is especially useful to eat breasts that are low in fat. Chicken is rich in protein and prevents bone loss. It is a source of selenium, which prevents the development of malignant diseases, as well as B vitamins, which enhance brain function and increase immunity. 

5. Salmon . All fatty fish species, including salmon, are rich in omega-3 fats, which prevent blood clots and lower blood cholesterol . Studies have shown that consuming salmon at least 3 times a week helps prevent the development of certain types of cancer, memory loss, and alleviates depression. Salmon is rich in nicotinic acid, which protects against Alzheimer’s disease. Fats of the omega-3 group are also found in large quantities in walnuts.   

6. Bananas . One yellow fruit contains about 500 mg of potassium, which our body needs to support the work of the heart and muscles. Bananas lower blood pressure and are a source of fiber that improves stomach function and prevents heartburn. Cut the bananas in circles and add it to oatmeal or cottage cheese. Dried apricots, sardines and lentils are also a source of potassium. 

7. Blueberries . Blueberries are one of the most healthy berries. It contains a ton of nutrients and antioxidants that help prevent eye diseases, varicose veins, stomach ulcers, heart disease, hemorrhoids and cancer. There are very few calories in this small miracle berry, but it helps a lot to improve health after a stroke and impaired brain activity. It is recommended to include blueberries in the diet and for disorders of the stomach and the treatment of inflammation of the digestive tract. 

8. Spinach . Eat eggs with spinach for breakfast instead of a sausage sandwich, and your health will be in order. Like chicken eggs, spinach is rich in lutein, which is useful in preventing visual impairment. Spinach has a lot of nutrients, it is rich in iron, vitamins A, C and K, so it prevents the development of arthritis and osteoporosis. Spinach is also an excellent antioxidant that helps protect against colon cancer, heart attacks and strokes. 

9. Greens . Many people add a lot of salt to their food to make it tastier. Meanwhile, salt raises blood pressure. To add flavor to food, it is better to add herbs and spices. The taste of fresh dill, parsley and other herbs is stronger, but in winter you can replace them with dried herbs. 

10. Garlic . Garlic has great benefits, it has an anti-inflammatory effect and helps reduce arthritis pain. Garlic is also useful for those who have diabetes. In addition, garlic helps prevent cardiovascular disease, cancer, and reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke. 

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