Diet No. 15 (dietary table No. 15), permitted, prohibited foods

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Not all Pevzner diets are strict and must be used in the presence of any disease. In particular, this applies to the diet of table No. 15, which is assigned during the recovery period, as an intermediate menu for the transition to a normal diet. This diet is physiologically complete.

Indications for the use of diet No. 15

As mentioned earlier, the diet is not special, but is prescribed during the transition period, when the patient is almost ready to be discharged. However, if the patient suffers from stage 1 or 2 hypertension, then the menu can be adjusted, namely, the amount of products with sodium chloride can be reduced to 5, at least to 7 g. In this case, the food will have to be cooked without adding salt.

Also, the diet is recommended to increase the immune strength. It can be prescribed in the case of non-specific diseases that do not require a special diet. It can be recommended during treatment, even not in a hospital setting, for cardiovascular disease, liver or kidney disease. If you are overweight, this diet can also reduce it, while not harming your health.

General rules

Diet table number 15 should not exceed 2900 caloric units. You need to drink from 1.5 to 2 liters throughout the day. Food should be taken 4 times throughout the day.

From a medical point of view, this is a completely balanced diet, in which the patient will not starve, but will receive the maximum amount of vitamins and nutrients. Up to 95 g of proteins are allowed per day, but it is desirable that no more than 55% of them be animals. Fats should not exceed 105 g, and carbohydrates up to 400 g. However, if the goal is still to lose weight, then the calorie content will have to be reduced to 2500 units.

Ideally, the second meal (that is, lunch) should account for 35% of the daily diet, and in the evening, more than 15% should not enter the body.

What you can eat with diet number 15

It is permissible to use bakery products made from rye and wheat flour, other products, bran. You can eat any first course with meat, mushrooms and vegetables, even fruit soups. Fish and meat can be cooked in any way. Even the consumption of cooked sausages, small sausages and sausages is allowed. Eggs can only be boiled or as a component of other dishes and no more than 3 pieces throughout the day.

It is imperative that the diet should contain dairy and fermented milk products, both in natural form and as part of other dishes.

Oils can be included, but margarine should be limited or best avoided.

Fruits and vegetables are also possible, in any form, both after heat treatment and fresh. You can make juices, fruit drinks, fresh juices , casseroles, desserts from them. A decoction of rose hips will be very useful. You can even drink tea, coffee, cocoa.

What not to eat with diet number 15

The list of prohibited foods is not so long, but first of all, you will have to completely abandon alcohol. Very fatty foods are not allowed, fried can only be in limited quantities, highly salty and smoked foods. Lard, highly spicy seasonings and sauces, trans fats are banned .

We’ll have to give up purchased juices and drinks, naturally carbonated. Avoid snacks, chips, and roasted peanuts.

Diet table number 15, menu for the week

If you soberly evaluate the prohibited and permitted products, then it will not be difficult to compose a menu and eat very tasty.

Sample menu with several options for every day.


Meal / menu optionone23
BreakfastMilk oatmeal, some cheese and teaOmelet with 3 boiled eggs, some boiled sausages,Cottage cheese with jam, coffee
DinnerBorscht with meatballs, buckwheat porridge and cucumber saladBroccoli puree soup, boiled potatoes, a little fried cod Fish soup, rice with vegetables, a little lamb stew
SnackApplePasteFruit jelly
DinnerVinaigrette, bread, steamed chicken cutletsPasta, schnitzel and tomatoesLazy dumplings and sour cream


Meal / menu optionone23
BreakfastAsparagus, grilled beefToast, boiled eggs, coffeeBoiled brown rice, steamed cutlet
DinnerChicken soup, barley porridge, any stew, to tasteBroth, beet puree, codCheese soup, boiled rice, boiled fillet
SnackBanana smoothieApplesPears
DinnerLula kebab in the oven, vinaigretteBaked herring, tomato saladCutlets with quail eggs and cheese, cucumber salad


Meal / menu optionone23
BreakfastCarrot salad, some baked mackerelBuckwheat porridge, cutletCottage cheese with fruit
DinnerTomato-rice soup, barley porridge, meatballsBeetroot, boiled potatoes, cucumber salad with sour creamBean soup, tortillas with cheese, boiled chicken
SnackOrangesBanana smoothie with oatmealCelery
DinnerBeef entrecote, asparagus beansNests of pasta, some boiled lean porkBaked turkey meat , buckwheat porridge


Meal / menu optionone23
BreakfastCheesecakes, sour cream, teaPancakes with meat, coffeeFrench croutons, a couple of sausages
DinnerPotato soup with dumplings, baked meat in a potato fur coatHunter’s soup, chicken rolls with cheese, salad with vegetablesLentil soup, vinaigrette, meat in cream
SnackMilk with cookiesKefir, bananaHummus
DinnerEggplant casserole, grilled meatBoiled sausages, mashed potatoesPumpkin and potato casserole, chicken breast


Meal / menu optionone23
BreakfastCurd souffle, kefirOmelet with zucchini and eggs, teaCurd soufflé, yogurt
DinnerShurpa with beef, julienne with mushrooms and chickenCabbage soup with fresh cabbage, pilaf with lambCreamy mushroom soup, roast with potatoes in the oven
SnackBaked applesAny fruit to tastePears
DinnerRed fish and baked vegetablesChopped beef with beansVegetable stew, sleeve-baked carp


Meal / menu optionone23
BreakfastEggs with parmesan cheese, tomatoesCharlotte in the oven, orange juiceCroutons with tomatoes and cheese, coffee
DinnerBorsch, hake in foil, vegetable stewPea soup, mashed potatoes, boiled rabbitSolyanka with sausage, baked rabbit, vinaigrette
SnackCornflakes with kefirMilk, dried biscuitKiwi, a couple of walnuts
DinnerVegetable stew, boiled hakeChicken in sour cream sauce, cucumbersChopped cutlets with cheese, tomatoes


Meal / menu optionone23
BreakfastOatmeal cookies, a glass of kefirOven apple strudel with walnuts, green teaCurd casserole, milk
DinnerSprat soup, potato casserole with meatPumpkin and squash cream soup, fish cakes, buckwheat porridgeVegetable soup with rice, steamed chicken fillet, barley porridge
SnackHalva, teaMelonApples
DinnerCarrot salad, stewChicken liver, buckwheat porridgeCorn porridge, boiled chicken leg

In the evening, if you really want to eat, you can drink a glass of kefir or fermented baked milk, but better with a low percentage of fat. If you want juice, then it is better to prepare it yourself and dilute it with water 1: 1, so as not to exceed the required daily calorie intake. You can drink a decoction of rose hips, both before bedtime, and use it as a snack.

Some dishes may seem unknown, in fact, the same shurpa is prepared very simply. This is a traditional oriental first course with vegetables and meat broth. According to the old recipes, the dish should be rich, but in this case it is not necessary to follow this rule, you can even cook the broth with beef or chicken. You do not need to throw in a lot of spices, as with the diet number 15 there should be a minimum amount of them. The recipe will require:

  • 2 fruits of bell pepper;
  • 2 carrots;
  • 1 onion head;
  • 2 tomatoes;
  • 5 potato fruits;
  • 300 g of meat;
  • spices and salt to taste;
  • some sunflower oil.

All vegetables are washed, peeled and cut. Peppers, for example, can be cut into cubes, and all other vegetables into slices or all cubes, as you like.

The meat is cut into pieces, cleaned of hymen and tendons, fried in vegetable oil for 2 minutes. Meat, potatoes are thrown into boiled water (1.5 liters) and boiled with spices for about 15 minutes. Remember to skim off the lather. At this time, the remaining vegetables are fried in a pan until golden brown, about 3-4 minutes. After that, the vegetables are transferred to a pot with potatoes and beef and boiled for another 10 minutes. After turning off the gas, the shurpa should be infused in a saucepan with the lid closed for about 15 minutes and can be served. 

A banana oatmeal smoothie is very easy to make. For a drink, you need half a glass of milk and the same amount of yogurt, 1 banana, a quarter of a glass of oatmeal. The banana is pre-cut into small pieces, all the ingredients are placed in a blender and brought to a homogeneous mass – the whole drink is ready. Other types of smoothies are prepared according to the same principle .

The main principle of the diet of table number 15 is the rapid recovery of the patient’s body, saturation with all vitamins and nutrients. In this case, you should abandon products from the store and catering establishments, especially those that contain a large amount of preservatives, flavor enhancers and dyes. The products should not excite the central nervous system and gastric mucosa. Even healthy people are periodically advised to go on this diet. Do not forget to drink plain water, if there are diseases of the kidneys or heart, vascular system, then the amount of free liquid should be determined by the doctor. In other cases, it should not be less than 1.5 liters per day. Watch your diet and stay healthy.

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