Dietetics and rules for drawing up a psychological approach to diet

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The basics of proper nutrition consist of making the right menu, and for every day. If the purpose of the diet is weight loss, you must remember that if weight loss subordinates your entire menu, then a violation in the functioning of your organs and body systems is inevitable. Naturally, weight loss includes proper nutrition, but it can only be correct if you take into account the opinion of a nutritionist. Such a specialist professionally draws up a weight loss plan based on your individual characteristics. With proper weight loss, the body works better, metabolism is enhanced. Menu and dietetics, dietetics and proper nutrition – these concepts are inextricably linked. The menu in dietetics is designed in such a way that extra pounds are gone, but there is no discomfort and lack of vitamins and minerals necessary for the life of the body.

Proper nutrition. Slimming menu

If you follow the rules of a healthy diet, you need to compile a daily diet according to the rules of nutrition in dietetics. It is customary to include low-calorie foods in the diet menu that are rich in nutrients, minerals and vitamins necessary for the proper functioning and health of the body. A feature of dietetics and a healthy diet menu for weight loss is the choice of natural, high-quality food. As a result of the balanced menu, calorie consumption exceeds income, due to which successful and proper weight loss occurs.

Dietetology. Menu. The rules of healthy weight loss

If the diet menu is properly composed, then when it is followed, a person does not feel severe hunger. And this is a very important aspect of the process: after all, who likes irritable, angry people who are on the verge of a nervous breakdown or depression. This is exactly how people on a diet feel most often, especially those who adhere to fast and highly effective diets. When compiling the right menu, the importance of a variety of products, as well as the use of gentle modes in cooking, are taken into account. Without knowledge of the basic rules and principles of proper nutrition, it is impossible to create a menu for weight loss and at the same time take into account all the rules for maintaining the body’s functions in good condition. The requirements for a healthy diet are as follows:

  • Minimizing salt in your daily diet. Salt retains fluid in the body, provokes swelling
  • Drink plenty of clean water. The calculation of the amount of water is individual.
  • Breakfast should be sufficiently nutritious and in fact the most important meal. Breakfast gives a push and charge to the body for the whole day.
  • The amount of fat entering the body is minimized. At the same time, take into account that the proportion of healthy fats should not exceed thirty percent of the total daily calories
  • It is necessary to adhere to the diet, especially carefully observe the intervals between meals
  • There is a need for smaller and more frequent. Snacks should also be regular and healthy so that the body is not in a state of hunger. Fiber foods are best suited for this purpose.

Dietology and psychological attitude

In addition to creating a balanced menu for losing weight in dietetics, a psychological approach is important. It is necessary to help a person decide on the purpose of dietary weight loss. Striving for a healthy diet is not necessary for losing weight in a short time, but to maintain health and good appearance, not for any period of time, but to make this desire the rule of all subsequent life. Such an attitude is the whole success of dietetics. In addition, smooth and steady weight loss gives a more lasting and lasting result than lightning weight loss “at all costs”, not to mention the harm to health. Together with a carefully thought-out diet, physical education and sports will be useful. It would be nice to go to the gym. However, not everyone is equally easy to do for one reason or another. We can add movement to our lives in a variety of ways that we don’t notice or ignore: a ladder instead of an elevator, for example, is a great alternative to cardio training. If you can’t run in the morning, just walk more.

The right menu in nutrition

According to a healthy diet, breakfast is the most important meal, giving an impetus to the body for the whole day. Lunch, or lunch, is also very important. He will not let you get hungry before dinner, feel hunger and discomfort, as well as overeat during lunch. Lunch can be a healthy cereal bar or any fruit. Lunch – a meal that is not inferior to breakfast. Limit meat and broths to the maximum, giving preference to salads and vegetable soups. Snack – the same snack between lunch and dinner. The best option is fruits and nuts. For dinner, it is important to give preference to plant foods. The variety of vegetables is huge. You can’t overeat for the night. If the digestive system works at night, then a lot of fat and toxins are formed. This is detected in the formation of calculi in the gall and kidneys. Dinner should not be on an empty stomach. If this happened, then you were undernourished at lunch or there was no snack.

You can easily find approximate food menus for a week or more on the Internet. Nevertheless, remember that the best menu that is ideal for you, only a nutritionist can choose. However, there are generally accepted rules for a healthy diet, which should be remembered:

  • Dinner should be no later than three hours before bedtime.
  • Food is consumed in the amount of one hundred grams, it does not matter, the first is a dish, the second or salad
  • Drink the required amount of water. Only water should be purified and unboiled

Modern menus in dietetics make it possible to lose at least 5 kilograms in two weeks with no feeling of hunger and infringement on food – a great pace for a healthy body. The presence of dried apricots, prunes, walnuts, garlic and onions on a daily diet is very desirable. True, the amount of these products is very limited. It has already been said about limiting the intake of fat in the body. The modern diet menu allows even culinary concessions. So, occasionally you can garnish pasta or potatoes, but not more than one serving. Occasionally, you can eat dark chocolate or honey. One day of the diet is allowed to eat a double portion of sweet fruits such as banana or grapes. Twice allowed to eat poultry or rabbit meat. Once you can even a serving of meat, a glass of wine and even a piece of cake. As you can see, the diet is not just sparing, but even abundant. Such a diet does not cause discomfort or hunger. On the contrary, the range of products is so wide that you will get a huge range of culinary pleasure from this. And having felt the consequences of such a pleasant diet, you will want to stick to it always.

So, the myth of dietary nutrition as being bland, boring, or very difficult to execute is dispelled. Diet is simple, varied, tasty, natural. The scientific approa

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