Headache? Worth Reviewing Your Nutrition

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The causes of headache development are different in origin. Among other things, it should be noted that very often malnutrition leads to the development of headache attacks.

British researchers have found that certain types of hard cheese, spirits, artificial preservatives and dyes, as well as excessively chilled foods, such as cold soda, can lead to headache attacks. Various dietary nutrition, related restrictions, irregular eating, eating dry food – all these factors are conditions that provoke the development of a headache. The fact is that the body does not tolerate the use of products that do not combine with each other. 

For example, with a combination of proteins and carbohydrates – meat with pasta – an attack of severe migraine may well develop. Among other things, the water balance is extremely important for the body, which is disturbed if a person consumes an insufficient amount of fluid. In winter, the norm of fluid for an adult is 1.5 liters, in summer – 2.5 liters.

But if a headache annoys more than two times in one month and no nutritional adjustments help, then you should undergo an examination: 

– perform a tomography, based on which it will be possible to draw a conclusion about the state of the brain and blood vessels;

– analysis of blood pressure indicators in dynamics;

– laboratory tests, including a general blood test, analysis of the general hormonal background, general analysis of urine.

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