Good nutrition for children

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For proper feeding of the baby, it is necessary to take into account the increasing need of the growing body for basic nutrients. Good nutrition for children is one of the first places for pediatricians. Proper feeding of the child from early childhood in the future will contribute to its good and good health. A well-balanced diet will help to avoid many diseases and strengthen the immune system.

In the first year of life, the main nutrition of the baby is breast milk. From milk, the baby receives all the nutrients and biologically active substances necessary for its growth that protect its immunity. Therefore, children fed breast milk are less susceptible to disease than children whose main diet included mixtures. The composition of human milk changes throughout feeding to meet the changing needs of a growing baby. Breastfeeding a child promotes the development of a psycho-emotional connection between the child and his mother.

Improper nutrition of a nursing mother negatively affects the composition of milk and, as a result, the health of the child. Therefore, it is imperative to monitor your diet. The diet should be diverse, fully satisfy the need for all the necessary substances, vitamins and trace elements. For this purpose, you can include in your menu various children’s juices and mashed potatoes, which are freely available for sale. These products contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals. It is better to exclude allergen products from the diet, or strictly monitor their consumed amount. Some foods, such as cucumbers, prunes, can result in gastrointestinal upsets in a child. The basic rule of feeding a child in the first months of life: a rational nutrition of a child is, first of all, proper nutrition of his mother.

Breastfeeding is not necessary strictly by the hour. However, with frequent worries, the child should not immediately apply it to the chest – this can cause obesity. The cause of anxiety is best to find out from the pediatrician.

Later, with the growth of the child, juices, mashed potatoes, cereals, dairy products are added to his diet. At first, the child may not absorb new foods. This will be expressed in regurgitation of vomiting, colic, poor stool. Diathesis may appear. The first new menu item for a growing child is fruit juice. You can give the baby juice no earlier than 3 months. First, the juice is given in a few drops and then in a week the volume is brought up to 30 ml. To exclude an allergic reaction, juice is given of one kind. The maximum daily juice intake can be calculated if the number of months a child is multiplied by 10. 

In the future, puree is already being introduced into the child’s diet. Puree is given to the child 3 weeks after getting used to the juice and in the absence of juice intolerance. The child’s addiction to mashed potatoes is implemented according to the same scheme as with juice.

Rational nutrition of the child is not complete without various cereals. Milk cereals are given to the child closer to 5-6 months of life. Further, vegetables, such as potatoes, begin to be introduced into the menu. To teach a child to vegetables should also be from one species. After the successful introduction of one type of vegetables, cauliflower and carrots are gradually introduced into the diet. Later tomatoes and green peas.

Adding onions to food is allowed from 8 months, greens – from the 9th. Begin with 1 teaspoon and bring to the desired volume over the next two weeks.

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