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Needless to say, we take care of our body badly. This even applies to those who regularly go to the gym and follow diets, because this is not enough to preserve the beauty and youth of the “home of the soul”. Even trained muscles will not hide age-related changes if the skin on the body is dry and flabby.

MOST people take much more care of their face than their body. The reason for this is very commonplace – the body, as a rule, is hidden by clothing from the critical gaze of others, which cannot be said about the face. However, in fairness it should be noted that body skin care is really different from face care. Firstly, most of the year the body skin is protected from the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation, and secondly, it is not as thin as on the face. However, the skin of the body also ages, suffers from dryness and dehydration, loss of firmness and stretch marks. In general, there are enough problems with the body.

The most common problem is skin dehydration (many are probably familiar with the feeling of ” tightness “, especially after a shower, when the skin also begins to peel off). By the way, the so-called “goose bumps” – a small “dry” rash on the body – is a classic example of a violation of the level of moisture. The main causes of dehydration are the use of alkaline cleansers and the systematic neglect of moisturizing body milk. Therefore, to solve this problem, it is necessary to replace the soap with shower gel and regularly use light body moisturizers.

Dehydration is somewhat different from the problem of “constitutional dry skin”, which is caused by decreased secretion of sebum . According to IPSOS Access Panel 99 and Euro Panel 99, in Europe, 36% of women admit that their body skin is dry, 60% of those who use body lotions still suffer from dry skin, and 56% of women who have dry skin on the body, they say that their facial skin is not of a dry type.

According to Vichy laboratories, the phenomenon of dry skin is characterized by a thin hydrolipidic film combined with numerous repeated external aggressive influences, such as cold, sun, cleansers, alkaline soaps, long and hot baths, etc. All this leads to disorganization, and subsequently to damage to the lipid plates. People with dry skin need to stop using alkaline detergents once and for all, and use nourishing creams with a richer texture for care. Body masks are also good, the effect of which is increased if at the same time wrapped in plastic wrap.

Most people start thinking about body care only when the skin loses its tone and elasticity, becomes flabby and “sags”. Typically, the loss of firmness is especially noticeable on the chest, abdomen, inner arms and buttocks. Age-related changes, lack of physical activity, unhealthy diet, lack of skin care leads to the fact that the silhouette “crawls”. That’s when we start sounding the alarm. Of course, to achieve the best results, cosmetics alone is not enough – it is necessary to tidy up muscle tone, balance nutrition, but avoid a sharp drop in weight. However, with the help of modern corrective creams, usually containing additives that stimulate blood circulation, as well as draining, breaking down and removing excess fat,
skin condition can be significantly improved.

One of the most common body problems is stretch marks. They arise not only as a result of pregnancy, but also with sudden changes in weight. In addition, they often appear during adolescence. Some cosmetologists consider stretch marks to be the result of mechanical stretching of the skin, but today few people doubt the hormonal reasons for this phenomenon. However, whatever the reasons, the most unpleasant thing is that it is impossible to get rid of stretch marks. However, this does not mean that you need to immediately give up. With the help of modern tools, you can make them less visible. And the best remedy for this scourge is still considered prevention, that is, the use of creams that increase the elasticity of the skin, sports, massage, proper nutrition and wearing a bandage during and after pregnancy. There are creams that can neutralize the severity of stretch marks, but no competent cosmetologist will give a 100% guarantee of their disappearance.

Breasts are the pride of every woman. She is the subject of anxiety and worries. Cosmetologists testify that the overwhelming majority of women are unhappy with their breasts. Someone suffers from the fact that she is too small, someone – from the fact that she is too big. And everyone is equally interested in keeping this most seductive part of the female body as young and elastic as possible.

Sung by the classics, a woman’s breast is a glandular tissue covered with fatty tissue and thin, delicate skin. During feeding, the glandular tissue of the breast “grows”; when a woman finishes feeding, this tissue atrophies, and the resulting “voids” are filled with adipose tissue.
At this moment, the delicate skin of the breast is under significant stress, and in order for them to pass almost without leaving a trace, the skin must be very elastic. Actually, the elasticity of the chest depends on two factors: the fitness of the pectoral muscle and the condition of the skin in this part of the body. So, if you exclude plastic surgery as the most radical way to “maintain” the breast at a decent level, it remains to engage in the prevention of its aging with the help of exercises and special creams. Regular breast care will help prevent sagging.

Nothing can spoil a woman’s mood more than the vascular network, which, as a rule, occurs on the legs. There are, in fact, only two reasons for its appearance: heredity, which is expressed in the inelasticity of the walls of blood vessels, and the need for a long stay on the legs, most often associated with the profession. However, it is very difficult to fight with both. Here you cannot do without consulting a surgeon and a dermatologist, who, most likely, will prescribe a comprehensive treatment. If the mesh is not very large, the vessels can be “cauterized” with a laser or undergo a course of sclerotherapy , when the vascular network is fought with the help of injections, which cause the vessels to “stick together”.

Another body problem is uneven skin coloration. Moreover, it can be age spots, and just dark spots that appeared, for example, after unsuccessful removal of pimples or after a scratch. As for age spots, they tend to appear in those who are not very careful with sun exposure. Moreover, they can also occur due to sunburn suffered in early childhood. In addition to the traditional advice to use sunscreen cosmetics,
you can also recommend whitening products that are used on the face. And the problem of uneven skin pigmentation today can be solved very simply – recently, products have appeared on the market that visually even out skin color due to the reflective particles they contain.

There is something to think about!
The skin of the body is usually combination. On the chest and back, it is oily, and on the buttocks and thighs, it is dry. It often happens that normal skin becomes dry with age due to hormonal changes.
For many people, the skin of the body becomes dry under the influence of diets and various medications.
Even simple hygiene procedures require taking into account the peculiarities of the skin. So, soaps and foams are recommended for oily skin of the body, when dry, you need to use washing creams, and for a bath, use oils.
It is useful to rub areas of the body with coarse skin with a mitten and use peels. After a bath, dry skin should be nourished with a cream.
Shower products are not recommended for bathing as they are intended for short-term effects on the skin.
After playing sports, you should not immediately take a shower. You should wait about five minutes for the sweating to stop. Also, you can not take a cold shower, because as a result, water exchange and thermoregulation may be disrupted.
Aging of the skin of the body begins to intensify from about 35 years old.
In the autumn-winter period, body care should be more thorough, special attention should be paid to moisturizing, as well as addressing such a problem as cellulite.

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